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On Friday, former President Donald Trump released a video blasting Washington D.C. for a recent bill passed by the city council that significantly impacts sentencing requirements for criminals. The bill is now set to head to Muriel Bowser’s desk, however, President Trump wants Congress to intervene instead.

The bill, which was passed Tuesday, would revamp the entire criminal code of the nation’s capitol and would go into effect in three years following Bowser’s signature. It would eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences and allow for jury trials for misdemeanors, as reported by The Washington Post.

In response to the bill, President Trump took to Truth Social to express his concern about the state of the nation’s capitol and called on Congress to take action.

“In the middle of the city’s bloodies crime wave in decades, the left-wing lunatics on the Washington D.C. city council has passed a radical bill to throw open the jailhouse doors, set loose violent felons, and let criminals run wild,” Trump began. “I just wonder are they going to allow the patriots of January 6th to go or are they going to be the only ones in jail in Washington D.C.”

“The bill is a horrific catalog of the sickest and most twisted ideas of the radical Democrat’s defund the police crusade,” he explained, adding, “and remember for all the police that are listening, they want to defund the police.”

“That’s where they started and that’s where they want to finish. It reduces penalties for carjackers, it lowers penalties for robberies, it slashes penalties for convicted felons committed gun crimes, it eliminated almost all mandatory minimum sentences,” the 2024 presidential candidate continued. “Murders in DC are up 63 percent year-to-date yet the bill even makes murders and rapists allegeable for early release.”

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“But again what about January 6th people?” the former president asked in reference to the hundreds of individuals who have been sentenced for their actions on January 6th. “They are patriots in so many cases and they are being destroyed by this system.”

“It seeks to overwhelm the court system by dramatically expanding jury trials for simple misdemeanors so criminals won’t be charged for those offenses. It is a betrayal of our police and a betrayal of our people,” the 45th president said. “By virtue of the federal government’s unique responsibility for the District of Colombia, Congress can vote to stop these deranged policies from going into law. Congress should immediately send a resolution to Joe Biden’s desk rejecting this weak-on-crime agenda.”

Washington D.C. was granted home rule by Congress in 1973, though the federal government does still have the ability to make policy changes in the nation’s capitol given that Congress reviews all D.C. law before it is finalized.

“Biden will then face the stark choice. Does he stand with murder, rapists and carjackers, and violent criminals or does he stand with the law-abiding citizens of our nation’s capitol,” the president contrasted. “Biden must be forced to stop this bill or Washington D.C. will become a hellscape of bloodshed, looting, trauma, and death, which it already is. Right now the city has the worst record of crime and murder that it has ever had. It’s through the roof. They want to make it much worse and they’ll do it if this passes. So end it right now.”

As the District of Colombia continues to suffer under the leadership of Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), the people of the city are plagued with rising crime and homelessness. Trump’s call for Congress to act would be a bold move to stop the worst excesses currently inflicting the city. If this doesn’t occur, however, the city’s residents will have to deal with rising crime as criminals are let off the hook for a plethora of crimes.

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