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On Friday, firefighters from Portage, Michigan took courageous action just seconds before disaster when they saved a man whose Jeep had just crashed on the train tracks.

Before the harrowing incident, two vehicles crashed into one another leaving the Jeep to roll on its side and come to rest on the train tracks with a man still trapped inside.

“On January 20, 2023, at approximately 6:20 a.m., the Portage Department of Public Safety was dispatched to the intersection of Shaver Road and West Centre Avenue on a report of a two-vehicle crash with injuries,” Portage Department of Public Safety wrote in a Facebook post. “Police and Fire units quickly arrived at the scene and located a Chevy Cruz in the intersection with heavy front-end damage, and a Jeep rolled onto its side straddling the railroad tracks with a subject still inside.”

When the police and fire department arrived, they found that the man trapped inside the vehicle was suffering from severe back pain and was unable to move without assistance. The emergency personnel realized that a train was on the way when the whistle of the locomotive could be heard coming closer to the scene. Following this realization, their adrenaline kicked in.


The firefighters’ swift action led to them saving the man just 22 seconds before the train hit the overturned vehicle.

“Firefighters began to assess the driver of the Jeep who was complaining of severe back pain to the point that he was unable to extricate himself,” the department continued. “Within seconds into their assessment, the train crossing signal lights began flashing and the sound of a whistle from an oncoming train could be heard. Firefighters, realizing what was about to take place, quickly removed the driver of the Jeep by dragging him to a safe location just seconds before a southbound train entered the intersection and struck the vehicle.”

Following the incident, the driver was taken to a local hospital to have his injuries treated. The other driver in the two-vehicle collision was not harmed.

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Once again the actions of the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for everyday Americans have shone their courage in the line of duty. Their actions should be revered and they should be respected for the work they do to save lives.

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