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House Republicans, led by Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), have passed a bill set to fire the 87,000 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents that were hired as a part of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by Democrats last year.

The Californian speaker made the repeal of the 87,000 IRS agents his top priority in the new Congress with him emphasizing as much in his acceptance speech on Saturday: “I know the night is late but when we come back our very first bill will repeal the funding for 87,000 new IRS agents. You see we believe the government should be to help you, not go after you.”

McCarthy, who faced 15 rounds of opposition from 20 House Republicans, was able to join the divided caucus into unanimously supporting the motion to protect American taxpayers from IRS overreach.

“House Republicans just voted unanimously to repeal the Democrats’ army of 87,000 IRS agents,” Speaker McCarthy tweeted on Monday night. “This was our very first act of the new Congress, because government should work for you, not against you. Promises made. Promises kept.”

The bill passed with 221 in favor and 210 against. The bill will now go to the Senate, however, it is unlikely to pass there given Democrat control of the upper chamber would make passage difficult, as reported by The Daily Wire.

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McCarthy has been able to show his leadership potential by negotiating with the 20 GOP opposition that held up his Speakership nomination. Further showcasing his change in heart, this week he announced major changes to the way the House operates.

“Congress has been broken for a long time,” the veteran congressman wrote. “Over the years, a concentration of power within the Speaker’s Office has kept lawmakers on the legislative sidelines. Lawmaking should be open to all members—not just a select few—so that the best ideas win.”

The Speaker of the House then outlined various changes to the House Rules that would ensure that power is decentralized including increased transparency and the reopening of Congress as well as the removal of rules that silence representative’s voices, kept deal-making behind closed doors, and allowed for unconstitutional proxy voting.

“As chair of [the Rules Committee], [Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)] is boldly leading the shift from the centralized power of the past and returning to regular order that empowers the American public,” McCarthy explained, adding, “Republicans are keeping our commitment to make Congress more open, accountable, and responsive to you.”

With Kevin McCarthy taking the views of the 20 GOP opposition to heart and leading his caucus to victory in an important vote to protect the American people, the future of the Republican-controlled Congress is looking bright.

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