WATCH: John Fetterman Struggles To Form A Single Sentence, Mumbling Before Asking 'You Know?' During Congressional Hearing

Despite it being over a month since John Fetterman (D-PA) was released from his hospital care, the senator is still struggling to form a cohesive sentence in Congress. The questions from Fetterman almost garner sympathy as he struggles to even get a single proper string of words out through his entire questioning. 

Fetterman was previously admitted into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in February, the second time this year, as reported by the DC Enquirer. Fetterman remained hospitalized through March, until finally returning to his congressional post in April. 

This isn’t the first time Fetterman has spouted incoherent sentences in his congressional role. In April he was videoed in his role as chairman of the subcommittee focusing on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), where he also struggled to form anything resembling a complete sentence, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer

“Is– Is it staggering– Is it a staggering resp- responsibility that a– that– that– that the head of a bank could literally– could literally crash our economy? It’s astonishing. That’s like if you have– I mean like a– a– and you also realize is that– that– that now they have– it’s in– it’s guaranteed– a guarantee way to be saved by a– again– in a matter of– [incoherent mumbling] – You know?” The Senator struggled to get out.

  The entire clip was essentially what was transcribed. A mess of barely English words thrown together haphazardly, forming nothing more than utter gibberish. It makes you wonder how someone like Fetterman was elected by the Democrats but then you look to fellow word mumbler Joe Biden and it begins to come together.
It’s a sad day when the likes of Post Malone and Eddie Vedder have more discernible words in the lyrics of their song than our elected officials. 

Twitter users were more than happy to chime in on the disgraceful representation of the American people. One Twitter user wrote “Combine Fetterman & Biden together and you still have less than 25%”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This is sad that democrats keep pushing candidates like Biden and Fetterman. They are doing a complete disservice to Americans.”

Fetterman’s conditions may not be a joking matter, but having him speak in Congress feels like a bad punchline to an equally bad set-up. We can only hope that Fetterman receives the help that he needs to get better, but also that he is removed from his position in Congress with someone more mentally acute to represent Pennsylvania. 
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