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On Friday, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the war in Ukraine and the over $113 billion of aid that the United States has sent to the war-torn Eastern European country since Russia invaded the country over a year ago. Hawley went on to blast President Biden and Congress for their inaction in East Palestine, Ohio while billions are sent overseas instead.

Tucker began the segment by pointing out to the Missouri senator that there is a level of difference in the concern for Ukraine versus Ohio following a train derailment on February 3rd that led to toxic chemicals contaminating the local water supply.

“I mean, the truth is that Joe Biden, and let’s face it, congressional Republicans have spent over $100 billion and counting on the Ukraine war, and meanwhile, the folks in East Palestine have poison in the water, poison in the air. It is clear that our infrastructure in this country is crumbling, and what is this administration doing about it?” Hawley said, adding, “Frankly, what is Congress doing about it? Not a whole heck of a lot.”

“And I think that that’s a stark contrast, and I would just say to Republicans, listen, you can either be the party of Ukraine and the globalists, or you can be the party of East Palestine and the working people of this country, but it is time to say to the Europeans, no more welfare for Europeans,” the Missouri senator emphasized. “Let the Europeans take the lead on Europe. It is time to put the working people of this country first, to make those folks strong again, and to make this country strong again.”

Tucker then went on to ask Hawley if there would be increased radicalism due to the fact that everyday Americans and their interests are being ignored by those in Washington.


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“Well you just look at what the mayor of East Palestine said Tucker,” Hawley began in response. “You listen to the folks on the ground there and listen I hear the same thing all over Missouri. My state is not so different from Ohio, it’s not different at all.”

“People say that the folks in Washington, D.C. care more about the borders of Ukraine than the borders of our own country,” he continued. “They care more about what’s going on there than the drugs that are flooding into our schools and our communities in Missouri and every other state across this country.”

“They care more about other country’s roads and bridges than they do about our own. So yeah I’m concerned. I’m concerned by the fact that folks don’t feel like they are represented, they don’t feel like they’re spoken for,” the Republican senator explained.

“And the truth is much of the time they are not. And that’s why I have to say to my fellow Republicans that it is time for us to stand up and speak for the working people of this country and put them first.”

With over $100 billion now sent to fund the Ukrainian military’s defense against Russia, Americans everywhere are asking when enough is enough. Their support for funding the Zelensky-led government has waned as peace is nowhere in sight. Republicans should take a stand and demand results from the Biden administration for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. America has far greater threats to worry about but instead, America continues to deplete its military arsenal and send American tax dollars overseas.

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