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During Congressional Speeches on February 6th pertaining to the ongoing funding of Ukraine’s government and military, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took aim at President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a scathing indictment.

According to the official record of the U.S. House of Representatives, Gaetz began,

“Madam Speaker, how much more for Ukraine? Is there any limit? Which billionth dollar really kicks in the door? Which redline that we set will we not later cross?”

Gaetz tweeted a video excerpt of the speech calling out Biden and his son Hunter in the same stroke, saying “a grifter’s gotta grift.”

Turning to an increasingly adversarial China Gaetz continued,

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“China reminds us that we have real issues. China began its offensive against our homeland by infiltrating our universities, stealing our innovations, buying off our politicians, and surveilling our citizens, all the while capturing the loyalty of America’s most powerful corporations. China’s influence is overtaking ours, even in our own hemisphere.”

“Our conflict with China may turn very hot very soon. Many believe we are currently in the window of a possible invasion of Taiwan,” the congressman said. “If not deterred, such an invasion would immediately make life worse for virtually every American. Tomorrow, President Biden will tell us how much more we must do for Ukraine.”

“Look around your house. How much stuff is made in Ukraine or even Russia, for that matter? Next, do China,” he continued. “If you are watching this speech on a smartphone, you are likely using Taiwanese technology.”

He then remarked on Ukraine, aiming criticism at both Bidens.

“So why Ukraine, a country that just rounded up dozens of senior leaders in its government over overt corruption? Perhaps the answer is as simple as the Hunter Biden life motto: a grifter’s gotta grift.”

He explained, “The amount of money we now pour into Ukraine makes Burisma’s wildest dreams of wealth through Biden family influence seem meek by comparison.”

Gaetz then made a lengthy set of remarks pointing out who is winning the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Ultimately, he made the case that it is neither nation, but rather American Defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, and leaders “who do not deserve trust.”

“Defense contractors need there to be a war going on somewhere, whether the arms end up in the hands of ISIS, the Taliban, the Azov battalion, or on the black market. They get rich in the business of weapons supply, but only when there is weapons demand.”

Gaetz then echoed comments from former President Donald Trump, “A serious nation would never let foreign interests abroad or special interests here at home dictate its foreign policy. The interests of our countrymen must morally compel our greater attention. As the war slogs on in Ukraine, the benefits to Americans are unclear.”

The Congressman warned, “The risk of miscalculation in Ukraine is much, much higher than getting it wrong in Afghanistan. A nuclear war between Russia and the United States would end human life as we know it.”

“Yet, President Biden is doing everything possible to provoke such a disaster.” Gaetz added, asking: “And for what?”

He noted that the Biden administration’s actions in Ukraine are potentially lengthening the conflict rather than ending it decisively, potentially adding to the casualties. He further noted that such funding typically doesn’t find its desired destination citing examples from Afghanistan.

“Many dollars meant for the war in Afghanistan ended up in bank accounts in Switzerland and Dubai.

To where will we trace the bounty of the Ukrainian grift?”

Finally, Gaetz suggested, as Trump has, that, “This war could end tomorrow if we pursue negotiation, lamenting Biden’s refusal to even attempt a negotiated peace. 

“We can and must push for peace. You don’t really hear that from many people these days with the exception of President Trump,” he continued.  “Trump is right to recognize that we are on the brink of world war III and that immediate action for peace is necessary to stop disaster.”


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