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Forty-fifth President Donald Trump told a huge audience of supporters during a “Save America” rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday to “get ready” because he is “very, very, very probably” going to run for President again in 2024.

“And now, in order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again, OK. Very, very, very probably — VERY, very, very probably,” Trump said.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” The crowd chanted in response.

“Get ready, that’s all I’m telling you. Very soon. Get ready,” Trump added on his social media platform, Truth Social. 

“I think like a moth to a flame, Trump will run in 2024. I think that he wants to run and announcing before Thanksgiving gives him a great advantage over his opponents and he understands that,” an advisor told Reuters.

Trump’s election prospects are looking very promising, too.

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“If the 2024 election were between Mr. Biden and former President Donald Trump, 41% of white suburban women said they would vote for Mr. Biden and 52% Mr. Trump. In August, 55% said Mr. Biden and 39% Mr. Trump,” a recent Wall Street Journal poll found.

49 percent of likely voters said they plan to vote for a Republican in the upcoming Nov. 8 election, while 45 percent said they plan to vote for a Democrat, according to a recent New York Times/Siena poll.

This comes after a September poll had the Democrats beating Republicans by one-point.

“Democrats used to have a one point lead. Now they have a four-point deficit. So a five point swing at the national level is devastating,” host and founder of progressive news outlet “The Young Turks” and open opponent of forty-fifth President Donald Trump, Cenk Uygur said.

“What could rescue the Democrats?” he asked.

“Well what could rescue them is an all out assault in the last two weeks on the Republicans on the issue of the economy. Will the Democrats do that? No. There’s no chance that they’ll do that. So that’s why we’re pretty much doomed. They’ve barely mentioned the economy at all. Why? Two reasons… One, they’re not very bright,” he said.

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