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Howard Dean, the former Democrat governor of Vermont, joined Jonathan Capehart’s Sunday Show on MSNBC yesterday to talk about President Biden’s declining approval rating among voters.

Capehart called Biden’s poll numbers “really bad” and asked Dean if they “are so bad that he [Biden] can’t turn it around” and “are they so bad that the Democrats are doomed in the midterm elections?”

Dean answered, “no, of course not,” to both questions and asserted that the bad poll numbers are the result of Democrats “being wimps.” Dean urged Democrats not to be discouraged and “focus on the half-full glass and go get some more.” Speaking from his experience as a politician, he advised Democrats that “you don’t get everything you want the first time. You get what you can get, and then you go back and get the rest.”

In other words, Dean’s solution is to encourage Democrats to push harder for top Democratic priorities despite rising disapproval of Biden’s job performance in office. According to Real Clear Politics, 39% of voters approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, 38% approve of his handling of foreign policy, and 26% of voters think the country is heading in the right direction.

Dean then rebuked Democrat voters for being discouraged and told Democrat voters that “if you don’t get out there and vote and keep the Democratic majorities from these neo-fascists on the Republican side like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, that’s not on the Republicans; that’s on you.” He continued to compare Republicans to Nazis, saying “it was [voter] apathy, as much as anti-Semitism, that led to the Holocaust.”

In the middle of his speech, Dean, appearing incensed, nearly yells the word “apathetic.” Dean’s frustration stems from a lack of understanding. He does not understand why voters are not worried about an imminent fascist future. He thinks he can scare voters out of apathy.

Perhaps most voters, including Democrats, do not think that a Republican majority would be as catastrophic as Dean warns. Instead, voters seem to be sending a rather unambiguous message to the Democrats, but some, like Dean, cover their eyes and refuse to see it.

Here is the full video of Howard Dean on Jonathan Capehart’s show:

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