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As Congress contemplates passing the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package for the fiscal year 2023, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) has done some digging and uncovered some of the most absurd spending priorities pushed by Democrats.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Bishop outlined the worst of the worst in the 4,155-page bill. Bishop outlines that if congressmen actually wanted to read the bill, which was released at two in the morning, they would have to ” read 4+ pages per minute, without a single break, for 16 hours straight. What a farce.”

One of the most shameful parts of the legislation is that it bars Customs and Border Patrol funding from actually being used to improve border security. As the end of Title 42 is on the horizon, such a prohibition would handicap any efforts to lessen the flow of illegal migrants into the country.

In contrast, Democrats are more than willing to protect the borders of other countries around the world while neglecting our own. The omnibus allocates $410 million towards border security efforts in the countries of Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia.

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Making matters worse, Rep. Bishop outlines that the bill will allocate hundreds of millions for family planning due to the threats to biodiversity: “On a more sinister note, here’s at least $575 million for “family planning” in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity.’ Malthusianism is a disturbing, anti-human ideology that should have ZERO place in any federal program.”


In addition to these anti-human stanzas included in the bill, the congressmen also wanted to pat one another on the back by including the renaming of various programs and buildings: “$65 million in two programs for Senator Leahy, and a federal building named for Nancy Pelosi. Swamp gonna Swamp.”

The bill would also include funding to appease the woke ideology by including antiracism training and an LGBTQ+ museum in New York City: “A few more earmarks: $477k for “antiracist” training from the Equity Institute; $3 million for the LGBTQ+ museum in NYC; $1.2 million in ‘services for DACA recipients;’ $4.1 million in various career programs for one of the richest counties in the US (Fairfax).”

The bill also provides $524.4 million for a DEI and “structural racism” division in the National Institute of Health, $200 million for a gender equity fund, and funding for various gender programs for the country of Pakistan.

Continuing the theme, Congress is also allocating additional funding to itself to enforce a woke agenda: “Did you know that the House of Representatives has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion? It’s set to receive nearly $26 million in taxpayer dollars.”

The omnibus is yet another instance of the swamp spending trillions of dollars on useless programs with money that they don’t have. Luckily there are still some lawmakers like Rep. Dan Bishop who are willing to inform the public about the Democrat spending sprees.

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