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Hollywood star and anti-Trump figure Will Smith is distraught that his recent movie “Emancipation” is bombing at the box office.

After his famed “Oscar slap” of comedian Chris Rock, Will Smith has not been popular with the American people at large. A Yahoo/YouGov poll finds “that 47% of those surveyed view Smith unfavorably. That’s up from 37% in a similar poll conducted solely on March 28, the day after the Oscars. A majority of people questioned in the new study (67%) believe Smith’s actions were wrong; 16% said he was right and 17% responded they were not sure.”

Indeed, a OnePoll survey finds 66 percent of respondents feel Will Smith should receive jail time — although that same poll shows 57 percent of respondents see Smith in a more favorable light after the slap. All in all, while Will Smith was a popular figure prior to the Oscars mishap, his popularity has taken a significant hit after the incident. Once one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, it now looks like a recent movie of his will flop — big league.

As Radar Online reports, “when Mayan Lopez and Selenis Leyva announced the 2023 Golden Globe nominees on December 12, one name was conspicuously absent. Nearly nine months after he slapped host Chris Rock on the Academy Awards stage, Will Smith and his prestige slave drama, Emancipation, were completely snubbed… ‘Will knows it’s a long road to redemption and a lot of folks won’t forgive him,’ an insider spilled. ‘But this really rams it home.'”


How big is the movie flopping? It is making a genuinely abysmal amount — and the movie cost $150 million to make!

“Moviegoers aren’t exactly impressed, either. On its opening weekend, them $120 million flick earned a reported average of just $3k per screen. All of which dismayed the 54-year-old former box office powerhouse, who’d clearly been angling for a post-slap comeback,” they conclude. “Despite apologizing for his actions, Chris, Hollywood, and fans haven’t forgiven Will — which is evident with his box office flop.”

All in all, this looks to be another instance of viewers rejecting modern-day Hollywood and all that it has become.

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