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A Tennessee woman went on a violent carjacking rampage leading to shots fired and the use of her five-year-old as a human shield.

24-year-old Bethany Wilson committed multiple carjackings throughout Wednesday in Clarksville, Tennessee, leading to a lengthy police pursuit that resulted in her arrest, according to a Facebook post by the Clarksville Police Department.

The local police department first learned of Wilson’s crimes when it was reported that a carjacking was committed while a 51-year-old woman was pumping gas. The woman told officers that she was approached by Wilson with a gun, leading to the suspect stealing the witness’ Nissan Juke.

About a half hour later, CPD received reports of shots fired. When police arrived, a man was found to be robbed of his black Mercedes Benz after Wilson fired her weapon to scare him off.

While she was hijacking the man, she used her five-year-old child as a human shield.


Wilson continued her carjacking rampage by then stealing a silver Ford F-150. In her third stolen vehicle, she was involved in a crash on I-24. Following this, she fled to a Days Inn where she was arrested by authorities the following day.

“The Clarksville Police Department received information that Bethany Wilson was at the Days Inn at Exit 11,” CPD wrote in a statement. “At 10:56 p.m. officers with the Clarksville Police Department made contact with her and she was taken into custody without any confrontation. Her child was with her and is safe.”

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Wilson is facing two counts of aggravated robbery for her crimes and other charges are pending. All of the stolen vehicles were later recovered by authorities.

Officers were luckily able to apprehend Wilson before she became more dangerous. Her willingness to use her child as a human shield showcases her disregard for the lives of others. The people of Clarksville should be happy that such a person is off the streets.

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