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A 17-year-old Texas teen used a shotgun to kill two masked intruders who broke into his home last Friday, standing his ground and protecting that which was sacred.

“Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez is asking anyone with information to reach out to his office after two men allegedly attempting to break into a home Friday night were shot and killed by a teenager with a shotgun.” Fox News reports. “A homicide release record showed that at approximately 10:40 p.m. local time, deputies responded to a call in the 16000 block of First Street in Channelview, Texas.”

Harris County Sherriff Ed Gonzales tweets:

“Last night in Channelview at the 16000 blk of First Street, three adult males attempted to force entry into a home. The males were armed and wearing masks. The home was occupied by an adult female, 12-yr-old male, and two 17-yr-old males. One of the 17-yr-old male occupants. retrieved a shotgun and discharged it several times striking two of the suspects. Both males were pronounced deceased at the scene. The 3rd suspect fled in a dark colored, 4-door sedan. There were no other reported injuries. The case will be presented to a grand jury.”


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While we await the results of the trial, one thing is sure — the Second Amendment is a right worth protecting. The world is lawless and now more than ever, self-defense is necessary.  Unfortunately, the Democrat Party disagrees — they want to take away our right to bear arms. As President Biden remarks:

“This doesn’t violate anybody’s Second Amendment right. We talk like there is no amendment that’s absolute. You could not buy a cannon when this amendment was passed. There’s no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons.”

Meanwhile, MAGA and America First Republicans are standing up for our second amendment rights — with all the power and might available to them. They stand with those who protect themselves from the encroachment of violent criminals. Most Americans agree, which is why there will be a massive red wave coming in November — just two short months away.