‘A Complete Nut Job’: Trump Unloads on Chris Cuomo Following Devastating Revelations of CNN Firing

Following a podcast appearance by ex-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Anthony Scaramucci’s “Open Book” podcast where the anchor opened up about the various scandals that led to his firing in 2021, 45th President Donald Trump voiced his opinion on the once-most watched CNN anchor.

“That is exactly the feeling of Fredo. I always said this guy was a complete nut job!” Trump wrote on his successful social media app Truth Social. “He is Fredo, and to me, he will always be Fredo. Not surprisingly, his show is a Ratings disaster!”

Fredo refers to the second son of the Corleone family in the movie “The Godfather.” Cuomo has infamously displayed his displeasure with the insult claiming back in 2019 that it’s “like the n-word for us,” in reference to Italians.

President Trump is right about the ex-CNN anchor’s ratings as well which have nosedived since his career height at CNN. The younger brother to Andrew Cuomo now works at NewsNation where he only garners a paltry 200,000 average viewers.

The fall from grace has had a detrimental impact on Cuomo’s mental health with the anchor telling Scaramucci on Wednesday that he “was going to kill everybody, including myself.”

“You’ve got to make things happen. There is no luck, there is no fate, there is no destiny,” Cuomo told Scaramucci. “What happens is what you make happen and how you deal with what is made to happen to you, for better and worse.”


“And you know, I make a lot of mistakes — sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons. I’m very flawed,” he said. “There’s damage, there’s damage that’s relatable to people, there’s damage that’s unrelatable to people that I have to deal with that I try to deal with that I do the work on, I still fail.”

“And I have learned to accept that. I had to accept because I was gonna kill everybody, including myself,” Cuomo said. “Things can consume you. Italians are so passionate. And I really had to fight against that because, you know, just like you did, I got too many people counting on me.”

“And look, I’m gonna screw up. And I always tell my kids, you know, almost 20, 17, 13, that — don’t be me,” Cuomo continued. “Learn from me. I love you. I will always love you, doesn’t matter what you do, and I am here for whatever I can do. I’m gonna get angry, I’m gonna screw up, I’m gonna make mistakes, I’m gonna say and do things that you should not say and do. And I try, but I fail. And you have to know that. I’m not here, okay?

“And don’t idolize me because I am no idol. I’m just someone to learn from, for better and worse. And I wish I had been told that more,” the ex-CNN anchor explained. “I wish I didn’t have to go through the same cycle that so many of us do where you put everyone in your life up on a pedestal, because when they fall, that rebound effect is usually too dramatic. And had I just had clearer eyes from the beginning, it would have made more sense sooner.”

As Cuomo continues to professionally recover, President Trump is very willing to point out his failures as the “Fredo” nickname seems to have ringed true.

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