A Model For the Nation: Tennessee Passes Sweeping New Bill That Takes Action Against Transgender Surgeries, Hormones for Minors

The Tennessee legislature passed a sweeping new bill on Thursday that bans ‘gender reassignment’ surgery for minors in yet another blow to transgenderism in the state following advocacy efforts by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

The bill bans children from taking hormone therapies, puberty blockers, or from undergoing surgical procedures, and minors who did receive these treatments while in the state will now have the ability to sue their physicians and parents, as reported by Newsmax.

Now that the bill has passed both chambers of the legislature, it is set to head to Gov. Bill Lee’s (R-TN) desk to be signed. He is expected to do so given his previous support of the legislation.

Once enacted into law, the legislation will go into effect on March 31, 2024, however, it is likely to face legal challenges as announced by the Tennessee ACLU following its passage.

“All Tennesseans should have access to the health care they need to survive and thrive,” said ACLU lawyer Lucas Cameron-Vaughn, per USA Today. “Gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth is safe, necessary, effective, and often life-saving. Legislators are risking trans young people’s health, well-being, and safety with this dangerous legislation.”

The bill was hailed by supporters as one of the best ways to protect children from experimental procedures that have life-altering consequences with the sponsor of the bill, Rep. William Lamberth (R-Portland), saying, “We’re going to protect our children, we’re going to support our children to mature naturally and give them the love and assistance, mental health treatment, that they need.”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Tennessee has been at the forefront of the transgender issue and the state passed legislation banning drag queen performances in front of children on Thursday as well.


The legislation, SB3, would forbid any such performances from taking place on public property and would make it illegal for them to take place with children in the audience.

“Once again, Tennessee leads the nation,” wrote Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson (R). “We’re committed to ensuring Tennessee is the safest place to raise your family. This is a huge win for our state, and we’ll continue working to protect our kids.”

“The intent of the legislation is just to simply say that you cannot have sexually explicit entertainment … in a public venue where kids might be present,” Johnson explained per NBC News. “We’re protecting kids and families and parents who want to be able to take their kids to public places.”

The bill, passed with a vote of 79 in favor and 19 against, would make “adult cabaret performance” illegal in a location with children, as reported by Breitbart. The “adult cabaret performance” is defined as “topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, [and] male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest.”

Tennessee is a model for the nation. Other Republican-led states should take up similar legislation in order to protect children and fight back against a radical movement that would rather embrace experimental procedures than reality.

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