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Quarterback for the Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers, brought on a rally of excitement from his fans last weekend when a sports reporter for The Athletic tweeted out an account of the clothing choice Rodgers had chosen while in the locker room.

It’s no secret that Rodgers is a proponent of freedom and liberty, one of the most outspoken critics of the Biden Administration, and an avid opponent of mandated vaccines. When the NFL decided to require the COVID-19 vaccination, Rodgers was one of the first to refuse it, citing allergies he has to the ingredients. So when the football-dominating athlete was said to have worn a Trump-like shirt reading “Make Green Bay Great Again,” it tied Rodgers’s brand of rebellion from woke culture together.

It would appear to many that the nation is turning from the steady wokeism that has been permeating the country for many years. Americans today are being forced into providing sensitivity and acceptance to the immoral culture that continues to rise, and they’re getting tired of it.