Gov. Abbott Reveals Just How Many Migrants He Has Sent To Sanctuary Cities, Shares His Plan To Send Thousands More

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) took to Twitter to share the number of illegals that he has bused to sanctuary cities, also stating that he intends to continue bussing the migrants until President Joe Biden makes changes to the border security policies. 

Greg Abbott shared his numbers in a tweet, explaining that thus far he has sent over 18,500 migrants to sanctuary cities across the country. More specifically, the Texas government has given bus rides to 9,300 migrants to Washington, D.C., 6,500 migrants to New York City, 1,800 migrants to Chicago, and 970 migrants to Philadelphia.

The governor then promised that he would continue to send thousands more until the Biden administration takes action on border security.
  The news will come as alarming to any resident of the listed sanctuary cities, as they have become completely overwhelmed since the expiration of Title 42. Cities like New York City and Chicago have both had to declare a state of emergency to make attempts to deal with the masses of illegals being bussed to them.  Twitter users were quick to share their thoughts on the actions. One user replied “You could send them to San Francisco but that might be cruel to the migrants. They’d likely opt to return home.” Another user wrote “Hey I believe coastal Delaware could use some,” referencing President Joe Biden’s home.
  Twitter users also happily listed off other potential cities that the Texas governor could send the migrants to, such as cities like Portland and Little Rock. 

There were people in the comments complaining about Abbott’s approach to the matter, saying that the actions he was taking were morally wrong. Users countered the complaints against the governor with a simple question “How many migrants did you take in?”

Texas is already in the midst of a lawsuit against the Biden administration for its mishandling of the border, making them the second state to launch a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security over the expiration of Title 42, per the DC Enquirer.
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images / Getty Images
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