The ‘View’ Host Makes INSANE CLAIM About God Supporting Abortion; Then Gets Hit With Pro-Life Argument

Co-host of ABC’s “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg, claimed God is fine with abortion on Wednesday — while debating the topic with pro-life guest Elisabeth Hasselbeck. 

Goldberg, a once famous actress, said that because God gave humans free will — that is enough of a justification for women to have an abortion. She added that speaking out against abortion was morally wrong, given that it would entail judging the actions of others. 

The clash between the two began when Hasselbeck brought up adoption centers and pro-life agencies, as options to support women who have unexpected pregnancies and need assistance raising their children, according to Fox News.

Hasselbeck urged mothers to “look for the nonprofits, look for the agencies that help you create a birth plan and match you with an adoptive family who may have suffered miscarriage after miscarriage who want to care for the baby.”

Goldberg hit back quickly, however, saying: “As you know God doesn’t make mistakes. God made us smart enough to know when it wasn’t going to work for us.” 

“That’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice,” she continued. “Because I know my relationship, my relationship is always choppy with God because I have a lot of questions.”

“I also know that God made me smart enough to know that if there are alternatives out there that can work for me, I will investigate them,” Goldberg concluded. “But I also know that God said, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ I will not make that decision for anybody.” 



Hasselbeck replied by saying, life in the womb is just as important to God as free choice and intellect.

“What about the life in the womb?” she asked. “I will say that life has a plan and a purpose designed by God.”

Goldberg’s claim that God isn’t pained by abortion — or is okay with it — is contrary to a multitude of Christian church teachings. The Roman Catholic Church has vehemently argued abortion is morally wrong and last year, Pope Francis stated the practice was “murder.” Several liberal Catholic politicians from the U.S. have even reportedly been denied Communion, for their public stances on the issue.  

While Hasselbeck attempted to provide solutions for women who had children in need — such as pregnancy resource centers and other non-profits — Goldberg shot them down in favor of the hivemind media mentality, which idolizes abortion and seeks to elevate the practice by putting it on a pedestal. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) attacked pro-life pregnancy centers last month, stating that they were torturing women and needed to be, “shut them down all around the country,” Fox News reported.

Democrats and their partners in crime — the media — continue to attack on pregnancy centers, with some even coming under physical siege in recent months. These facilities are attempting to aid women in need.

So, as Democrats claim to be “pro-choice” they are — in reality — a one choice party. Either fall in line and normalize the killing of fetuses inside the womb or be branded an extremist and lose your coveted cool kid status forever. Time to grow up. 

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