Abortion Debate Enters New Stage As Red States Begin Codifying Pro-Life Measures Following SCOTUS Decision

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court last month, the abortion debate has sparked new state actions, with Kansas becoming the most recent political battleground for the divisive issue.

On August 2nd, Kansas will decide if the State Constitution, via the “Value Them Both Amendment,” should grant — or not grant — citizens the right to an abortion.

Activists from across the United States have traveled to the ruby red state, to canvas potential voters and attempt to change the outlook of undecideds who are on the fence.

“To the extent permitted by the constitution of the United States, the people, through their elected state representatives and state senators, may pass laws regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother,” the amendment reads.

A pro-life organization like “Students for Life of America,” and pro-abortion organizations such as “Kansas for Constitutional Freedom,” have contacted thousands of voters to lobby for each of their respective sides, according to TIME.


A recent poll of Kansas voters conducted by co/efficient — found residents of the Sunflower State were split on the issue with 43 percent saying they’d vote “no,” on the amendment while 47 percent stated they’d vote “yes.”

With the question of abortion finally being decided by voters for the first time in 49 years, Kansas serves as a testing ground for pro-life and pro-abortion organizations to stand tall and present their best arguments, in an effort to convince the public.

Similar ideas are underway in Kentucky, where an abortion amendment will be on the November ballot, and Michigan, where efforts are currently underway as well, by pro-abortion groups to get an amendment on the November ballot to preserve the practice.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade brought the abortion debate to every single state legislature in the country. It is now front and center nationally, as each locality proceeds accordingly based on its population, political leanings, and voter base.

This turn of events has forced both sides to make their final arguments, as pro-choice lobbyists want blanket laws for all, while pro-lifers choose to empower states — and individuals — to make the best choices for them and their families, if they so choose to have one.

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