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Life is an immeasurably sacred thing. It is the first of all rights. Indeed, all other protections hinge upon life and flow from it. Mississippi knows that better than most. As the defendants in the Dobbs case, they argued their qualified abortion ban before the nation’s highest court.

And they succeeded! America thanks them for their service in the fight for life. We applaud their bravery. And that bravery continued to show itself yesterday when Governor Tate Reeves declared June the “sanctity of life month.”

Now, you might be surprised to hear that! After all, the corporate media informs us June is “pride month.” Well, it may be in their world. But to the average American, it is just any other month. LGBT issues are interesting, but Americans with strong convictions will always be unimpressed by the arguments from the other side.

We should love everyone in that community, but that doesn’t necessarily extend to celebrating all aspects of their life. But that’s what Pride Month asks us to do, and many Americans, perhaps even most, cannot get on board with the messaging.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves offers us a far more worthy cause for jubilation. He has declared June the “sanctity of life month.” And it is evident to everyone with common sense — life is worth celebrating. In a tweet yesterday, Reeves opened by quoting Ronald Regan before issuing his proclamation:

Ronald Reagan once said, “The values and freedoms we cherish as Americans rest on our fundamental commitment to the sanctity of human life.”

An excellent quote and undoubtedly a true one. Americans do, by and large, believe in the sanctity of life. Of course, many of those same Americans believe in a pseudo-right to abortion. Yet, that is a felicitous inconsistency rather than a denial of the value altogether. As he writes in his proclamation, which is in the spirit of President Reagan’s “sanctity of life day“, an event which first happened in 1984:

“We have a firm conviction that each life is precious and each individual is creating in the image of God…

With the Dobbs decision, and the authority now rightly ‘return[ed] to the people and their elected representatives,’

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Mississippi must now turn to the work ahead, to take every step to support mothers and children through policies of compassion, to ensure every baby has a forever family that loves and cherishes them, and to build and sustain our new pro-life agenda – a culture that values the inherent dignity of every individual, restores the wonder of life…”

We cannot agree more. More Governors need to follow suit. Life is worth celebrating.

Here is the full tweet: