After Mar-a-Lago Raid, Trump’s Truth Social App Sees 550% Spike in Engagement

The Truth Social, founded by Former President Donald Trump in 2021, is an app that serves as a free speech alternative to other heavily-censored platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.) The app ranked at the top of the charts in Apple’s Appstore for months and has recently broken more barriers in the social networking space.

As reported by Data AI, which measures “consumer and market data” using artificial intelligence, recorded a 550% increase in user downloads of the free speech platform.

The app has maintained steady support since its creation in October of last year; however, the sudden spike has led many to believe that it came in the wake of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ethically unwarranted raid on the former president’s home in West Palm Beach, Florida, earlier this month.

In fact, surging downloads weren’t the only fruits produced by the shocking misuse of federal law enforcement against a Former President of The United States. It also appears to have boosted President Trump’s war chest only a short 24 hours following the raid, and he’d raked in a whopping million dollars in new donations.

With rocketing approval numbers, increased cash flow, and record-setting numbers for his social media app, Trump seems to have benefited heavily from the Biden regime’s significantly miscalculated strategy of incriminating him to score quick and cheap political capital.


The app also provides a line of big-tech-deprived communication channel for the former president to release statements to those following him that pertain to the latest news surrounding his America First movement.

It would appear to most that these unexpected victories from Team Trump are well deserved in light of recent events; however, that hasn’t stopped the left-wing media and Democratic leaders from asserting the justification of the raid. Axios reported on the sudden surge of Trump’s app, linking it to the raid and concluding that “Right-wing outlets can turn stories with inherently damaging revelations about Trump on their head with narratives that fuel outrage among conservative ecosystems.”

Thankfully, those who have reported truthfully on the events witnessed at the former president’s estate earlier this month have done an excellent service to the American people by providing them with apolitical facts, which usher many of those consuming the information to draw the logical conclusion that the federal government was weaponized against Trump via the Department of Justice and FBI’s actions at the behest of the Biden Administration.

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