Frail Senator Feinstein Makes Bizarre Statement Following Illness As New Details Reveal That It Was Worse Than Previously Thought, Refuses To Resign

Long-time 89-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) denied being absent from the Senate due to her hospitalization and recovery in California due to singles, according to Breitbart News. The senator, who has been in office since 1992, when pressed by reporters about the well wishes she has received from her senatorial colleagues since coming back last week offered strange remarks. She is reported to have said, "You should — I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working." When questioned on whether by working she meant she had been working remotely from California due to her convalescence, she insisted, "No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting...Please. You either know or don’t know."

Breitbart noted that while Feinstein returned to Washington DC last week, she did not cast a vote on Wednesday and that during her prolonged absence, she missed over 90 votes. The aged senator is planning to retire at the end of her term in 2025. The news outlet also pointed out that there were reports in Democrat-aligned newspapers that accused Feinstein of having memory problems as well as showing other signs of dementia and being unable to properly discharge her duties.

According to The Washington Post, Feinstein faces increased complications from her illness including encephalitis and Ramsay Hunt syndrome, both diseases that can be severe.


Her two-month leave allowed Republicans to prevent Joe Biden's judicial nominees to block Joe Biden's judicial nominees due to her key position on the Senate's Judiciary Committee. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) famously concurred with a suggestion by an article in the Federalist that "Republicans should not assist Democrats in confirming Joe Biden’s most radical nominees to the courts" by taking advantage of the Californian Democrat's absence.
Feinstein's last election was in 2018 against a fellow Democrat, Kevin de Leon, and it was her closest election since her successful first bid for re-election in 1994 against Michael Huffington (R-CA), the (former) husband of the founder of the Huffington Post. The last race that Feinstein lost was against the popular former Republican Senator Pete Wilson (R-CA) in 1990 by 3.5 points. Governor Wilson would later be resoundingly re-elected in 1994 by 14.6 points. 

As the senator's health continues to degrade, the people of California are clearly without a proper representative in Washington DC's upper chamber. For the good of California and Feinstein's health, she should resign.
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images / Getty Images
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