WATCH: Alan Dershowitz GOES OFF On FBI, Democrat Treatment Of Trump After Shocking Revelations From Durham Report - 'They Just Made It Up'

Over the weekend, legal expert Alan Dershowitz was interviewed by Forbes where he talked about the alarming revelations detailed in the Durham report of FBI investigatory double standards as well as political malfeasance when it came to their handling of the debunked Trump collusion hoax. 

Mr. Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, described the Durham report as being "a damning, damning report" during the course of that interview. Professor Dershowitz previously authored an article on Substack that called the Durham Report an exoneration of Trump and useful in highlighting the "special double standard employed by Democrats and some Republicans specifically against former President Donald Trump."

The interview with Forbes started out with the interviewer asking Mr. Dershowitz if there is anything from the Durham report that he wished he knew when defending Mr. Trump during his first impeachment trial back in 2019. Dershowitz revealed that he "wasn't involved really much in the strategy" of Trump's defense during the first impeachment and that he "was asked to come in just to make a pure constitutional argument" that argued that the House of Representative's impeachment was unconstitutional itself as "the Constitution requires treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." He noted that the House's Articles of Impeachment did not list any of those requisite items as the basis of Trump's impeachment. 

Dershowitz opined that "the only thing that would have really informed me [from the Durham report] was something I already believed. That is that Congress was applying a double standard and that they would not want a Democratic president to ever be impeached" on the charges that Trump was [that of abuse of power and contempt of Congress]. He noted that "44 of our presidents have been accused of abusing their power and of them probably have...they all abused their power but that is not a criteria [for impeachment]. So I'd made that argument." 


Dershowitz then emphasized that "what the Durham report shows is how important it is to have strict rules- objective strict rules- because I don't think people are going to learn their lesson. You could have written the Durham report exactly about what District Attorney Bragg is now doing to Trump. Making up a crime- making it up completely of whole cloth. Never in the history of America has anybody ever been indicted for failure to disclose their public record that he'd pay hush money to prevent his family, his voters, [and] his business associates from learning about an illicit affair. It has never happened in history. They just made it up. Created a crime and that is of course what Durham found." 

Dershowitz continued, adding, "there was no evidence of collusion with Russia. There was some evidence that Hillary Clinton plotted or people in her campaign may have plotted to accuse Trump according to the Durham report to cover up her own problems with an improper computer process in her home basement. Now I don't know whether any of that is true or not." 

The legal scholar then concluded by observing, "it's a damning, damning report and I hope everybody reads it. We know already that it is being dismissed by the New York Times and other people on the ground [that] 'well it is Durham what you expect he was appointed by a Republican.' What we expect is to read to the evidence- look at the evidence. It's pretty compelling."     
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images / Getty Images
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