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Candidates for one of Alaska’s upcoming U.S. Senate races — Lisa Murkowski and Kelly Tshibaka — both advanced to the next stage of the voting process on Tuesday, as there will now be a top-four primary slate of candidates, according to the new voting measure implemented back in 2020.

Murkowski, who is the incumbent for the race, is known for her never-Trump approach to politics in Congress’ Upper Chamber.

With a shockingly low rating by The America Conservative Union — which measures legislators and their support of conservative policy — she comes in at a lifetime percentage of 56.30 percent.

Tshibaka on the other hand, has been endorsed by both the state Republican Party and Former President Donald Trump, and only fell short of the RINO Murkowski, by just a few thousand votes.

Undoubtedly for both of the candidates, these results indicate attack ads against the opposing rival will increase in hopes of locking down a firmer result. With Alaska’s base of Republican voters typically being further-right, however, pulling off an upset victory doesn’t seem to be that much of a longshot.

A few more Trump-hosted rallies in the state to spark up attention to this highly contentious seat might be just what Tshibaka needs to put her over the top so she can taste victory in November.

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Murkowski is infamous for her hatred of Trump. In fact, on January 13, 2020, she voted with Democrats to impeach the president for the events on January 6 that same year.

She then tried to become a centrist who would unite both moderate Republicans and those leaning further right.

Despite this rebrand attempt, it would seem to many that she has instead become a traitor against her party with her numerous collaborations with those on the left, to target someone who many view as “the father of the Republican Party.”

The public outcry among many in the GOP to oust politicians who insist upon under-representing the views of their constituency — frequently bowing down to their Democratic colleagues — is loud and vocal. That’s why many of the notorious RINOS in both the House and the Senate are being primaried by uncompromising America First candidates.

While the outcome of the race for the Senate seat in Alaska is uncertain at the current moment, it can be said without question — the persistence of voters demanding a more-than-lukewarm politician is here to stay.