An America First Champion Rises in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District

The MAGA movement is searching for its next generation of champions, and one has emerged in Connecticut's 5th Congressional District in candidate Michelle Botelho.

Botelho is part of the new breed of conservative women rising up to save their children's future by embracing public service. She has become a leading parental rights advocate in her state, having worked as a paralegal and educator for years. Botelho does not care about climbing the ladder in the corrupt Washington D.C. swamp. She wants to expose the country's problems and is positioned well.

Botelho's immigrant heritage, being born of two legal immigrants, additionally gives her the bona fides needed to speak credibly about the border crisis, the worst in our nation's history, without being unfairly tarnished as a racist for admitting the obvious truth that many are too cowed even to mention.

"We are being invaded on purpose, and it needs to be said out loud. They are committing a felony. The Constitution and the laws on the books can stop this," Botelho said.

"I'm not trying to instill fear, but we need an awakening that will take our heads out of the sand. If America falls, where do we go? The globalists know the answer," she stated.

To be clear, no Republican candidate should be gifted a position because they are a minority or a woman. Rank tokenism leads to poor leadership; a case in point is former South Carolina Governor and soon-to-be failed presidential candidate Nikki Haley. But suppose a candidate is a minority woman who stands firm on America First issues. In that case, it is undeniable that this person is uniquely qualified to break down barriers and expand the tent in ways that others cannot. Botelho fulfills these unique qualifications nicely.

Botelho hopes to face off against Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT), a Democrat who has tied herself to the likes of the historically unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris. Hayes touted Harris' "intellect, strength and empathy" when she emphatically endorsed Harris's doomed presidential campaign in 2020 before campaigning alongside her after Harris was named Joe Biden's vice president. Hayes stated that Harris' "presence in the White House provides an incalculable level of validation and empowerment to millions of Americans" and has been an apologist for the disastrous Biden agenda without wavering.

With Biden's unpopularity spiking, Hayes' decision to tie herself to the administration makes her an easy target in the 2024 midterms. Republican State Senator George Logan, a self-described "moderate," lost to Hayes by a narrow margin in the 2022 midterm elections after running a milquetoast, uninspiring campaign dictated by his close relationship with deposed former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Whereas Logan works as a corporate lobbyist while seeking a cushy government job, Botelho can speak firsthand to the atrocities happening in the public school system and counter Hayes' record as a public school teacher.

"We have reached a pivotal moment in this country, and now is the time for strong leaders to lead in the American style. Unfortunately, most Republicans have pulled back any semblance of identifying what's right or wrong in the name of 'going along to get along.' At the same time, Democrats demand their way or the highway, codifying their values and their beliefs. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I add, it's bought and paid for," Botelho said.

While mainstream Republicans like to pretend that the MAGA base is producing fringe or unelectable candidates, Botelho proves that to be false. She is the banner Republican, checking every box for the ideal candidate, staying true to principle, and boldly exposing the nation's problems. As the Republican nominee for Congress, Botelho would be a firebrand, reaching new voters and pillorying Hayes constantly for her record of supporting Biden's extremism.

More than anything else, it is Democrat policy, such as porous borders, rampant inflation, empowering criminals, reckless spending, unconscionable foreign policy decisions, etc., that makes seats like Connecticut's 5th District so winnable. These Democrat policies cannot accurately be called failures as they are achieving their intended goals, which are weakening the country and crushing the spirit of the people. Only America First patriots like Botelho can expose this agenda, open the public's eyes, win a seat in Congress, and fulfill their mandate while in office. Botelho is the candidate MAGA has been waiting for, who can fully embody the America First ideals while being accepted by the masses.

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Michelle Botelho For Congress
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