AOC Turns On Biden, Says 'Trump Impressions' Won't Fix Border Crisis

Americans have ranked the crisis on the southern border the most pressing issue in the country, as over seven million illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States. The crisis is thanks to President Joe Biden's unwillingness to act during the first three years of his administration. Still, as the 2024 election nears, he is looking to finally take action amid his sinking poll numbers. The White House is reportedly exploring options to restrict migrants' ability to request asylum via an executive order. The move, however, is already receiving pushback from progressive lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocascio Cortez (D-NY) as reviving Trump-era immigration policies.

"Doing Trump impressions isn't how we beat Trump," the New York progressive wrote on Wednesday. "Seeking asylum is a legal right of all people. In the face of authoritarian threat, we should not buckle on our principles - we should commit to them. The mere suggestion is outrageous and the President should refuse to sign it."

Despite already having the power to do so, President Biden said that he would shut down the border if the "bipartisan" border bill passed through Congress. However, that legislation was quickly defeated, given its lackluster border security provisions and handouts to migrants. Biden initially received heavy pushback from Democrats for his comments, with Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-CA) saying, "Efforts to shut down the border do not work. It did not work under Trump with the use of Title 42, and it will not fix the problem now."

Despite progressives' claims that shutting down the border doesn't work, numbers don't lie. During the Trump administration, illegal immigrant apprehensions at the border hovered around 350,000 a year, and the final year of his presidency saw a dramatic drop in immigration with the implementation of the 'Remain in Mexico' policy and Title 42. Upon taking office, Biden rescinded nearly every Trump-era border policy.

Despite these simple facts, the White House refuses to act to secure the border, instead allowing over 7.2 million migrants to enter the interior of the country. The White House, in a statement to Fox News, attempted to shift blame on the border crisis to Republicans. "The administration spent months negotiating in good faith to deliver the toughest and fairest bipartisan border security bill in decades because we need Congress to make significant policy reforms and to provide additional funding to secure our border and fix our broken immigration system," a White House spokesperson told Fox News. "Congressional Republicans chose to put partisan politics ahead of our national security, rejected what border agents have said they need, and then gave themselves a two-week vacation. No executive action, no matter how aggressive, can deliver the significant policy reforms and additional resources Congress can provide and that Republicans rejected."

The American people see through Biden's lies. He is solely responsible for the crisis at the southern border, and he is only considering taking unilateral action because of his falling poll numbers ahead of the November election. His lack of action over the past three years is unforgivable, and Americans will not forget it at the ballot box.

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so there's NOBODY from her neck of the woods smart enough to take her seat? How do we keep getting the dumbest, most racist, self-entitled fools in there involved in making laws when she doesn't even understand something as simple as how to tell the truth? Didn't this twat take an oath of office? Doesn't seem to me that allowing MILLIONS to enter illegally is adhering to this TWAT's oath of office.

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