Argentine President Blasts Socialism In Speech At CPAC

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — President Javier Milei of Argentina railed against socialism on Saturday in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), claiming that it can never work in any circumstance.

Milei, who assumed office on Dec. 10, visited the United States on Saturday to attend CPAC, delivering his first major address to an American audience. In a speech focused on economic theory, Milei attacked socialism as being a destructive ideology that was incapable of succeeding.

“None of the varieties of socialism [can] work. In the most extreme cases, because there’s no private property, you can’t engage in the exchanges of the market required,” Milei said. “Marxism defeated on the economic front [transfers] its class struggle to other aspects of life.”

Milei spoke immediately following an address by former President Donald Trump. In addition to attacking socialism, Milei attacked social justice, which has become a rallying cry for left-wing political figures in the United States.

“Social justice is private and unjust. It’s not just or anything of the sort. Far from it, it’s an aberration,” Milei said. “Unjust because it involves unequal treatment … Social justice is unjust because [its] redistribution is basically robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Milei also called abortion “murderous” during his speech and suggested that it is practiced for mala fide reasons of population control.

“[It’s] a murderous abortion agenda. A murderous agenda we can trace back to the times of ancient Egypt when the ancient Egyptians attempted to exterminate the Jewish people. It was based on the principle of ‘birth control,’ which was basically about just that,” Milei said. “They suggest that throughout the world [we] use energy based on fossil fuels. And that those energy sources are not renewable. They predicted that those resources would run out by the year 2000. They claimed that that would lead to food running out … we know that they were advocating the abortion agenda.”

Milei, in closing, exhorted the attendees to resist those ideas in the United States.

“I come from a country that bought all of those stupid ideas that went from being one of the most affluent countries in the world to one to one of the [poorest],” he said.

“If you don’t fight for your freedom, they will drag you into misery … Don’t surrender,” Milei said, before finishing with his trademark phrase: “¡Vive la Libertad Carajo!”

Republished with permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.
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