ARMED Arizona Man DETAINS Suspect Who Ran Over His Neighbor, Killing Him In The Process: ‘Ran Inside To Get My gun’

An armed citizen of Arizona detained a murder suspect with his personal firearm last week, after the man ran over his neighbor with a car repeatedly and stomped on the victim’s head.

John Lagana was taken into custody by local police on Aug. 12th for the death of Christopher Heimer, 63, per Fox 10 Phoenix.

Following the incident, Emmanuel Reynosa Avila intervened after he saw his neighbor was being hit by the car and went flying through the air.

“I dropped everything I had, and I ran inside to get my gun while [my brother] was calling first responders,” Reynoso Avila explained. “Then I shot off at the ground toward the driver because [the suspect] was trying to leave the area after he had run him over a second time.” 

Mesa Police responded to the scene around 12:30 PM to reports of a man was intentionally running over another person multiple times.

“A witness used their own firearm and shot a round into the ground, preventing 61-year-old John Lagana from leaving the area and allowing officers to take him into custody immediately when they arrived,” the police explained, adding, “After speaking with numerous witnesses and reviewing video surveillance cameras, officers learned that 63-year-old Christopher Heimer was walking westbound on Alder at the same time Lagana was driving eastbound on Alder. Lagana swerved out of the roadway and struck Heimer as he was walking on the north sidewalk, throwing him into the landscaping of a fourplex apartment complex.”



“Lagana continued to travel eastbound on the sidewalk, damaging mailboxes and landscaping before turning around and driving back toward Heimer,” the police continued. “Witnesses say Lagana again drove onto the sidewalk, into the landscaping, and ran over Heimer, who was already lying injured on the ground. Lagana then got out of his vehicle and proceeded to stomp on Heimer’s head multiple times.”

“This is when one witness used their firearm to put an end to Lagana’s actions,” Mesa PD concluded.

A good Samaritan was once again able to stop violence and apprehend a criminal, because they were free to exercise their Second Amendment rights under the Constitution.

Had liberal lawmakers had their way on more than one occasion, the gun in question may not have even been available to the bystander as an option — and there could have been many more dead bodies of innocent civilians on the ground, had it not been for his quick thinking. 

While Mr. Avila was not able to save his neighbor, he did apprehend the criminal who committed this evil and heinous crime.

Without his decision to spring into action, the suspect may have gotten away and continued to harm others. Avila’s bravery deserves to be commended. America needs more men like him — willing to stand up in the face of a growing crime wave to say: “No more.” 

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