Major Change Made to Asbury University Revival As Movement Spreads Across the Country

For the past 14 days, Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky has been in the national spotlight as the sight of a 24/7 prayer meeting that has attracted thousands of people from all across the country in what many have been calling a ‘revival.’

Now, in the midst of an unprecedented national movement, the university announced an end to these 24/7 ‘Outpouring’ services.

In a statement on the university’s social media, Asbury University announced that ‘The concluding public worship service of this recent outpouring on the Asbury University campus will be Monday, February 20, at 2 p.m. Beginning Tuesday, February 21, services available to the public will be held at another location in the central Kentucky area. Asbury will host evening services for college-age and high school students (25 and under) through Thursday, February 23.”

According to school officials, the sudden surge of out-of-town visitors, coupled with the limited infrastructure the city possesses to accommodate the large crowds, lead to the decision to conclude on-campus services and move any subsequent services offsite. In a statement, University President Kevin J. Brown stated, “Students have not only had to juggle various campus commitments, but also the throngs of people who have entered the dimensions of their space. For some, this has created a sense of being unsettled and even alienation from their campus community.”

The move comes as thousands upon thousands of people have descended on the small Kentucky university over the last 2 weeks. “We just had some people arrive from Finland, from the Netherlands, they have been coming from all over the country,” Abby Land, the communications director for the University told WYMT News in Kentucky. Long lines have been seen out of the main auditorium for days, and the university set up several overflow chapels at multiple locations around campus. Roughly 10-20 thousand people from across the world descended on Wilmore over the weekend, and that number gave no indication it was going to slow down anytime soon.


Yet, as services begin to slow at Asbury, many universities across the country have been inspired and led to partake in services of their own.

Multiple universities, including Lee and Belmont Universities in Tennessee, Ohio Christian and Cedarville Universities in Ohio, and Samford University in Alabama, have launched ‘revival’ services of their own, with many of them lasting for days on end.

As previously reported by the ‘DC Enquirer,’ this ‘revival’ started as just a regular chapel service the students of Asbury were required to attend. When the service concluded, many students simply did not leave and continued to pray and worship God. This continued for hours and progressively has grown into the 2-week event seen today, drawing thousands of people from across the country and awakening many hearts and minds to the message of the Gospel.

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