Bad News For Joe Biden, A Recent Poll Shows That Fifty Percent of Likely Voters Support Impeaching The President From Office!

Joe Biden is not a popular American President. As we reported last week, the President’s approval rating has been in the tank ever since Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Now consistently polling in the low 40’s and lower, American’s have woken up to the corpse that is the current administration. Voters are looking for any signs of life from the Biden-Harris regime. Unfortunately for America, Biden has done nothing to inspire confidence in the average American. Many of the Americans who currently find themselves at odds with the President have no animosity towards Joe Biden personally. Many of them voted for President Biden. Time after time, again and again, Biden has pitted Americans against each other. He has not been a President for the people. The Media sold America a false bill of goods. It looks like America has finally had enough of Biden’s treachery. America expected results, and the Biden administration has not delivered on its promises. As such, a recent poll demonstrates Biden’s manifest lack of broad public support.

Rasmussen Reports is a very accurate team of pollsters. Per Real Clear Politics, Rasmussen was perhaps the most precise pollster during the 2016 election. As you might remember, that election broke the backs of many traditional pollsters. Earlier today, the polling outlet released new data on the Biden impeachment question. The polling indicates comprehensive public support for the impeachment of the current President, Joe Biden. Breaking down the numbers, The National Pulse, who co-sponsored the survey, clarified their findings:

“When broken down by demographic, men and women were equal in their response to support an impeachment of Biden. Those aged 40-65+ had a slightly stronger support than those aged 18-39.

All racial demographics were united in their response. Almost 50 percent of White respondents agreed with impeaching Biden, 50 percent of Black respondents, and more than 50 percent of other racial minorities are in favor of impeachment.

Republicans led the charge, with 74 percent supporting Biden’s impeachment, with Democrats and liberal respondents also feeling split 50-50 over impeachment.”

The question asked was: “Some Republicans in Congress have endorsed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, citing his immigration policy and his failure in Afghanistan, among other reasons. Do you support or oppose impeaching President Biden”

This prompted 33 percent of voters to answer that they strongly approve of impeaching President Biden. 17 percent somewhat approved of impeaching the President. On the other side, 33 percent of voters strongly disapprove of impeaching Biden, with 12 percent answering they “somewhat oppose” the action. 6 percent remained undecided.

It looks like the opposition to Biden’s policies comes from a wide range of groups. Moreover, the numbers hold fairly consistently across different demographics. The President cannot like these numbers.

Biden still has time to change these numbers, but he will have to shift his approach dramatically to win over the American public he is pretty clearly losing at the moment.

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