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The Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign was hit with a hefty fine for hiring illegal immigrants during the 2016 & 2020 Presidential Primaries. Allegedly in both election years, the campaign deliberately hired illegal immigrants, placing some of them in key staff positions.

The ruling made on August 11 by the Federal Election Commission has not been made public. However, the charges allege the Sanders Campaign recruited staffers from Argentina and Mexico, despite knowing they lacked any form of legal status to be in the United States.

Bernie Sanders has always supported easing border security and vetting those seeking citizenship. Unfortunately for Sanders, being in this country without documentation is still considered illegal. And presidential campaigns cannot and should not hire illegal immigrants.


The fine associated with such illegal activity is $15,000. This seems relatively cheap considering that the person who broke the law is seeking to be an executive of the highest office.

In both elections, Sanders was known as the self-described socialist candidate. Ironically enough, Sen. Sanders is rumored to own a sportscar and three homes. So Bernie’s constant criticism of the “top one percent,” as he’s most known for saying, should also apply to him in reality.

This is another example of how those on the left have adopted the “rules for thee, not me” mindset over recent decades. From the Biden’s laptop from hellĀ and illegal overseas business dealings with Burisma to Hillary’s mass deletion of classified information, democrats simply don’t view the law as applicable to their own lives. That double standard between them and the American people has become increasingly more evident as the mainstream news outlets pick and choose what stories to break.

Fortunately, the FEC did what it was organized to do: regulate and hold candidates/campaigns responsible when they violate the laws of this country.

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