They’ll Spend Your Taxes ‘Wisely’ in Ukraine They Say, Do You Believe Them?: Biden Treasury Secretary Argues It Is America’s ‘Duty’ To Give Billions in More Aid

This Monday, Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen argued it is America’s ‘duty’ to provide financial aid to Ukraine, as their war with Russia continues.

Yellen argued it is in the interest of “global security and Democracy” to help Ukraine in a tweet posted Monday, as the Biden Treasury Secretary visited the embattled country’s capital city Kyiv.

“U.S. economic assistance plays a foundational role in supporting Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s illegal and immoral war. And as President Zelenskyy has said, our assistance is not charity – it’s an investment in global security and democracy.”

Coinciding with the tweet was a New York Times op-ed where Yellen argued for the virtues of American economic support.

“Most Americans understand the importance of our critical security support: tanks, ammunition, and air defense systems that equip Ukraine’s front lines. But there has been less public attention on the foundational role that our economic assistance plays in supporting Ukraine’s resistance,” Yellen wrote. “Our support is motivated, first and foremost, by a moral duty to come to the aid of a people under attack. We also know that, as President Zelensky has said, our assistance is not charity. It’s an investment in ‘global security and democracy.'”


Nonetheless, Yellen argued it was “essential” that we spend the taxpayer dollars of Americans “wisely.”

“Of course, it’s essential that we make sure that American taxpayer dollars are used for their intended purpose. Our partners at the World Bank have a long history of working in Ukraine, and they have instituted robust safeguards for accountability and transparency, ” Yellen claimed.

Yellen ended by, once again, arguing for the moral imperative of America’s unwavering support for Ukraine.

“When confronted with scenes of brutality and oppression, Americans have always been quick to stand up and do the right thing. Our strength as a nation comes from our commitment to our ideals — and our capacity to see in others the same desires that animated our own struggles for freedom and justice. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives on the front lines of the free world. Today, and every day, they deserve America’s unyielding support,” the treasury secretary concluded.

While the American people sympathize with all those who suffer, we do believe, contrary to Yellen, that a healthy debate about Ukrainian aid is due. Fortunately for Americans, Republicans in Congress are making their voices heard, and many of them land on both sides of this issue.

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