Biden Crime Family Investigation Ramps Up With Major Banks At The Center Of Biden Financial Records

The U.S. House Oversight Committee confirmed to reporters on Friday that four of the largest U.S. banks and one individual have been served with subpoenas for the financial records of the Biden family.

The dramatic step demonstrates that Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is ramping up the ongoing investigation of the Biden family for nine different violations, according to Breitbart News. These violations include money laundering and wire fraud. Comer’s investigation has so far featured the issuing of subpoenas and calling for interviews from Biden’s business associates and various whistleblowers.

Fox News reported Friday, Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA N.A., and former Hunter Biden business associate Mervyn Yan.

Yan, as reported by Breitbart, was an official with CEFC China Energy Co. involved with the $1 million retainer paid to Hunter while representing another CEFC official as an attorney.

Democratic Congressman and Ranking Member Jamie Raskin of Maryland claimed that Comer was attempting to obscure information regarding the investigation from Democrats on the committee according to Fox.


Comer responded, “Ranking Member Raskin has again disclosed Committee’s subpoenas in a cheap attempt to thwart cooperation from other witnesses. Given his antics with the first bank subpoena, the American people and media should be asking what information Ranking Member Raskin is trying to hide this time. No one should be fooled by Ranking Member Raskin’s games. We have the bank records, and the facts are not good for the Biden family.”

Breitbart cited a series of Suspicious Activity Reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury revealed only after months of wrangling with the Biden Administration. A 2020 U.S. Senate report showed that the SARs “often contain evidence of potential criminal activities, such as money laundering and fraud.”

The thirteen banking institutions cited by Comer are Bank of China, Bank of New York Mellon, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Cathay, Citi Bank, First National Bank of OmahaJP Morgan ChaseMorgan StanleyPNCTD Bank, USAAWells Fargo and Bank of America.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who sits on the Oversight Committee, posted to Twitter about the development writing,

“On the Oversight Committee, Chairman @RepJamesComer just sent out more subpoenas for Biden bank records. We are following the money and everyday we are discovering massive corruption. Pretty soon, I won’t be one of the only ones demanding to impeach Biden, it will be unavoidable.”

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