Biden Invokes Emergency Powers for Utterly Ridiculous Reason

The Biden Administration missed the mark yet again by invoking the Defense Production Act (DPA). The average American may have guessed that it would have been invoked to address surging gas prices, the baby formula shortage, replenish the arms sent to Eastern Europe, the impending food shortages, or maybe even address the trouble on our southern border.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration instead invoked the DPA to accelerate the production of solar panels and other forms of green energy. It seems like the Administration keeps pushing unfunny jokes one after another, constantly to the detriment of Americans that are crippled by surging prices across the board.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre received a barrage of questions regarding the invoking of the DPA for the use of increasing solar production.

One reporter asked, “what emergency is the President using to invoke the Defense Production Act? Because, historically, it’s been — in the 1950s, for the Korean War, and during COVID it was enacted. What emergency is it — what’s the real emergency in the solar industry for the Defense Production Act?”

Jean-Pierre: “So, for this particular clean energy Defense Production Act, he is invoking the Defense Production Act to rapidly expand domestic production of solar panel parts, building insulation, heat pumps, and more. He is putting the full force of the federal government’s purchasing power behind supporting American clean energy manufacturers. And he is providing U.S. solar deployers the short-term stability they need to build clean energy projects and deliver more affordable energy to American families and business.”

She continues, “Altogether, these historic actions will cut costs for American families, strengthen our power grid, and tackle the climate crisis. And with a stronger clean energy arsenal, the United States can be an even stronger partner to our allies, especially in the face of Putin’s war in Ukraine.”

The Administration decided that the lack of solar power is a national emergency, despite the fact that solar power sports an impressively low-capacity factor (10-30 percent) compared to other renewable energies. If the United States’ energy demands were a skyscraper, relying on solar would be like stacking paper-thin bricks up to build the walls. On top of her already lackluster performance, she managed to blame Putin for the Administration’s failures.

When asked about the potential of benefitting the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese solar industry that provides parts, Jean-Pierre attempted to deflect the question.

“So, you know, today’s announcement is about one country and one country alone, and it’s about the United States.

It is about the reliability of our power — of our power grid. It is about reducing costs for American families, and it’s about enabling domestic solar manufacturers to move forward with their projects.”

She continued, “The — the actions do not apply to any materials imported from China. Import duties will remain in place on solar cells and panels from China or Taiwan. So, it has nothing to do with either; it’s about making sure that we’re delivering for the American public.”

Jean-Pierre appeared blissfully ignorant that the American solar industry does not exist solely within an American economic bubble.

As of Tuesday, gas is nearing a national average of $5 per gallon and shows no sign of slowing. While Americans are having to choose between a tank of gas and a trip to the grocery store, Biden is busy chasing green energy fairies, blaming Putin, and refusing to acknowledge his administration’s role in our current crisis. Come November, perhaps Biden and his party will reap the consequences of their inaction.

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