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According to Reuters, Biden rode his bike at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware this morning. At what seemed to be the end of the ride, a crowd of individuals met him. As he started approaching them, he slowed down to a stop. Once at a complete standstill, he fell over sideways while trying to balance.

It’s concerning whenever the President of the United States has trouble with simple things like riding a bike. However, the firestorm of tweets surrounding the incident is hilarious.

Benny Johnson, host of the Benny Report, couldn’t help himself. He immediately took to Twitter to churn out a saga of memes related to the incident. He wrote on Twitter, “JUST NOW: Joe Biden collapses while riding bike. Look at this picture. This man is not well.”

He later reposted a picture of the incident with the comment, “I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun.” The comment is a throwback to a very concerning video of Joe Biden talking about his “hairy legs” and how they “turn blonde in the sun.”

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Of course, as most people expected, Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t resist the urge to comment on the incident either. Don Jr. also took to Twitter to make some hilarious commentary on the fall.

Donald Trump Jr. wrote, “I’m just shocked they let him ride a bike without training wheels.” and later commented again, saying “How long till they blame Putin?”

While the Twitter jokes are all fun and games, this incident sure makes Americans wonder about President Biden’s competency. Dinesh D’Souza echoed some of those concerns with his take on the incident. He wrote on Twitter, “Who cares if Biden fell off his bike? I’m more worried about this demented lunatic driving America off a cliff!” Truer words have never been said.