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Environmental activists in the swing state of Nevada are pushing back against the Biden administration’s opening of new Lithium mines — a key component for electric car batteries — as the White House attempts to forward its green policy agenda at all costs.

“Everything seems to be in the hands of the mining company,” Sarah Wochele, a mining justice organizer for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada said last month, per The Federalist.“And we just ignorantly praise new technology.”

Activists are arguing the mines will produce toxic waste and are blaming regulators for supposedly fast-tracking permits on said mines.

Lithium Nevada, the company currently setting up operations, stated in a recent court filing that the mines were, “vital to our national security and nation’s need for lithium to support green energy development and achieve climate change objectives.”

Making matters worse for Lithium Nevada, the mine location happens to sit on tribal land and is considered sacred by local tribes for a variety of reasons.


Additionally, another mine is being considered in central Nevada and would be constructed around a set of rare desert wildflowers.

The White House’s push to cut greenhouse emissions in half by the year 2030 — and reach net zero emissions by 2050 — seems increasingly out of touch with reality.

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President Joe Biden continues his sacrifices on the altar of climate change, as average Americans suffer every day with rising gas prices — as the administration refuses to expand oil drilling.

Yet climate activists now decry the environmental damage done in pursuit of resources to fuel the clean energy industry. The insanity has finally come full circle.

With a recent Emerson College poll showing a GOP victory in a hypothetical matchup of Biden vs. former President Trump — or against Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) — in Nevada, it seems like the White House’s plan for a radical policy push is making voters nervous in the Silver State, and has them reconsidering their options.

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