Against The White House’s Wishes, Biden Pledges Military Intervention In Taiwan

President Joe Biden firmly stated to reporters that the United States would be willing to intervene in a Chinese-Taiwan conflict if China invades the island country.

A reporter asked, “are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that?” Biden responded “Yes. That’s the commitment we made.”

The President preceded to acknowledge the One China policy agreement but asserted that China cannot take Taiwan by force and that it would not be appropriate.

Generally, past administrations did not outright pledge military support to Taiwan, much like the situation in Eastern Europe. In a break with the past, Biden has just pledged military intervention in Taiwan, effectively ignoring the country’s One China policy agreement by ensuring U.S. military involvement.

A Fox News anchor asked a White House official regarding Biden’s pledge for military intervention and the official walked back Biden’s statements and asserted that the United States’ stance on the situation has not changed.

Previously, it was expected that the Administration would respond to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan as they have with the situation in Eastern Europe. Supplying weapons, ammunition, training, and intelligence would be the extent of the involvement. The U.S. would essentially fight China through a proxy, much like Russia.

It appears this is still the likely stance by the Administration, but they are unable to keep control over Dementia Joe.

With Joe’s recent statements, America has inched ever closer to conflict with not just one of our strongest enemies, but both of them.

In the event of an invasion, will Taiwan be receiving billions in military aid and hundreds of millions in arms approved by an America Last Congress? With the White House’s rhetoric and the elected Warhawks in congress, it appears that American tax dollars will continue to be going to countries that are thousands of miles away while the border situation, the fentanyl crisis, inflation, and other stateside issues continue to flounder.

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