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The Biden administration has gone full woke for “Transgender Visibility Day.” In honor of the holiday, they have announced a plethora of new policies to make the country more inclusive. While the rest of the country is eagerly awaiting the removal of masks on airplanes, the Biden administration is more concerned with removing gender from the travel process.

The Biden Administration announced today that starting on April 11th, the Department of State will be adding a new option for gender when applying for a passport. Thanks to the Biden Administration, anyone can now obtain a passport that identifies the person as male, female, or “X.”

In a statement put out by the White House, the administration explains, “For far too long, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming Americans have faced significant barriers to traveling safely and many have not had their gender identity respected as they travel within the United States and around the world.”

While the rest of the country is worried about gas prices, Russia, and inflation, the Biden administration is concerned with new measures to promote inclusivity. At least they are keeping their priorities straight.

The administration also announced changes to TSA. Among other things, TSA will be changing the way they use gender as part of the identification process. “TSA has updated its Standard Operating Procedures to remove gender considerations when validating a traveler’s identification at airport security checkpoints.” Exactly how these measures will play out is unknown, but the direction the administration is heading in is crystal clear.

TSA will also be getting an update to their screening technology in order to improve the screening process. According to the White House, “By replacing the current, gender-based system with this more accurate technology, TSA will improve the customer experience of transgender travelers who have previously been required to undergo additional screening due to alarms in sensitive areas.  This new technology will help to improve the experience of travelers, particularly those who are transgender and non-binary travelers.” The new technology will be rolling out later this year.

Nobody enjoys the process of going through airport security, but most Americans can agree there are far more important things to be concerned about than woke changes to passports and TSA. Congratulations to the Biden Administration, for once again, representing how out of touch you are with most of America.