House Republicans Hit Back On Biden With Latest Investigation Into His Incompetence

House Republicans launched an official investigation into the Biden administration on Friday, for selling off nearly a million barrels of oil from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to the nation’s top foreign adversary — China.

The delegation of GOP leaders is led by Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) who sent a letter to the president. Fallon, along with six of his colleagues, stated that the “policies and action by [Biden’s] Administration have deviated the SPR off course from its original intent to provide cover for your war on domestic energy production.”

“It is clear that your administration wishes to use the SPR as a stopgap for your policies – policies that have crippled American energy independence.” the letter added.

The U.S. emergency reserves have reached their lowest point since 1986 and it’s predicted it will be drained to 130 million barrels by the year 2031.

With the United States using nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency, the draining of these reserves presents a clear national security risk to the country.

To make matters worse, Biden recently announced the release of 180 million barrels over six months — with 950,000 barrels going to China. By comparison, it’s estimated China’s current oil stockpiles are at 926.1 million barrels, per the Congressional letter.


“As Americans continue to feel the pain in their pocketbooks, it was recently reported that your administration exported more than 5 million barrels of oil-specifically, light-sweet crude oil, from the SPR in order to keep energy prices under control” the letter stated, adding, “the SPR crude was exported to China.”

The letter also posits the Biden Administration made two sales, of 2.5 million barrels and 1.5 million barrels to China in October and November respectively — all from the emergency reserve.

The House leaders concluded the letter by demanding the Biden administration turn over all documents and communications related to the export of said strategic oil stating, “Your policies are harming American energy independence and benefiting our adversaries.”

This Congressional probe comes just days after Democratic lawmakers defeated a motion that would have blocked the sale and/or transfer of oil from the SPR to the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates.

With Democrats continuing to blatantly weaken the United States in the face of the rising threat that is China, the export of oil from our emergency reserves to drain it to its lowest levels in over three decades, threatens American national security — its energy independence — and overall soverignty.

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