Biden Chief Of Staff Humiliates Himself for the World to See by Arguing that Terrible Biden Polling Is GOOD NEWS!

President Joseph R. Biden is out of it. And unfortunately for America, so is his staff. They lack knowledge of how the world works. Indeed, they have no consistent vision of how it should work! Resultantly, they walked back from the tried-and-true principles of President Donald Trump and the great tradition — simply because they could.  Anything but Trump, they said. As we shall see today, that observation has held when it comes to Biden’s Chief of Staff — Ron Klain.

We happily reminisce about better days. President Trump had staff who loved America and all she stands for. They knew America First was America at her best. We need men and women who subscribe to that ideology and not the America Last-America Worst agenda of the Biden administration.

On the other hand, our current President has done nothing that helps America. He has only hurt us, and he has trampled on our rights along the way. But given his lack of functionality, we should not blame Joe as much as the more highly functioning members of his staff. One of these people is Ron Klain.

Ron Klain has said and tweeted some foolish things in his short time in the role. For instance, take this tweet, which effectively denies reality:

Now, a rational person can see where the problems lie. Trump inherited a bad Obama economy, but one which functioned like an economy for all intents and purposes. Biden inherited an artificially shutdown economy due to a global pandemic. He should have had good numbers! But given that he did inherit an artificial shutdown to one of the best economies ever, Biden’s job numbers are not all that impressive.

That certainly was some impressive posturing. But wait, there’s more! Today he said something so dumb it will boggle your mind. He interpreted terrible poll statistics about the Biden Presidency as, you guessed it, good news!

According to Klain, the President and his supporters should be glad because Biden’s approval rating has jumped a whopping 2 points over the last month, up to an abysmal 44 percent. I don’t think many people will buy that. As to the other two statistics, the CBS poll cited gives the following assessment:

“The number who say things in the country are going badly overall is at the highest level of President Biden’s tenure, too, as pessimism about the market, the economy, and prices drives views looking forward — and outweighs optimism about both jobs and coronavirus, as we head into summer.”

All in all, the facts refute Klain’s optimism. The Biden Presidency is not going well, and Americans know better. In 2022 it is more likely that Americans will speak their minds in the most decisive way possible.

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