New Poll Reveals Vast Majority of Americans Favor Restriction that Would Bar Biden from Running in 2024

A Thursday CBS News/YouGov poll shows most Americans are in favor of age limits when it comes to holding political office– including limits that would exclude President Joe Biden from office.

As the Daily Caller reports:

“Among Democrats, 71% believed there should be a maximum age limit for elected officials, while 75% of independents and 75% of Republicans concurred.

When asked what age the maximum limit should be, 70 was the choice most selected by respondents. Forty percent of those in favor of an age limit chose 70, while 18% chose a maximum age of 80. An additional 26% of respondents who supported an age limit wanted to ban people over 60 from serving in public office, and another 8% wanted a cut-off age of 50.”

This poll is terrible news for President Biden. Americans are not happy with the President, and they are even less happy when it comes to his competency — which is virtually non-existent. Of course, the America First voter saw this coming from a mile away. They knew Biden was unfit for office — perhaps even when he was in the Obama White House.


While Donald Trump is in roughly the same age category as Biden, Trump is full of vigor. He has the inexhaustible energy of a twenty-one-year-old. He loved his country and he fought day and night on her behalf.

The poll also showed us that Americans want younger politicians — 47 percent of Americans want more young people in politics. They feel that older politicians are not running our country effectively. Excluding Trump from this equation, most people are tired of our country being run by older politicians like Joseph R. Biden and Crazy Nancy Pelosi. This is no knock against older Americans. In fact, in a different cycle with a different party in power, perhaps people would poll differently. But the current state of America under the Biden regime is abysmal.

While Biden has been performing better in approval polls recently, this poll demonstrates what we all knew already — Biden is still not popular with the American people. Joe has got to go, and in 2024, we can send that message loud and clear at the ballot box.

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