Biden White House SLAMMED For Calling Illegal Immigrants 'Newcomers' - 'Your Government Hates You'

As the crisis on the southern border continues to expand and become the top issue for Americans nationwide, the White House is signaling that it has no interest in actually making tangible changes to policy at the border. Instead, ahead of President Joe Biden's visit to Brownsville, Texas, on Thursday, the White House unveiled a new term for illegal immigrants looking to enter the country: "newcomers."

The language was spelled out in a fact sheet given out by the White House Press Office to attempt to advance the "bipartisan" border deal that several conservative Republicans stood against due to its lack of significantly strong border security provisions and the allowance of 5,000 illegal border crossings a day until the border was mandated to be shut down.

The fact sheet included a line that explained that the border bill would provide $1.4 billion in funding "for cities and states who are providing critical services to newcomers." 

The phrase was widely criticized by Republicans who viewed it as the White House not taking the crisis of illegal immigration seriously. "The Biden White House is now referring to illegal immigrants as 'newcomers,'" House Republicans wrote on X. "Joe Biden is not serious about stopping the illegal immigration into the United States. This is a catastrophe by design."

"Biden's White House is now referring to illegals as 'newcomers.' A newcomer just brutally murdered Laken Riley along with 100,000 other Americans every year from fentanyl poisoning," TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk wrote. "Your government hates you."

"INSANITY. A 'newcomer' just brutally murdered Laken Riley last week. 'Newcomers' are flooding our county with fentanyl. These 'newcomers' are costing American taxpayers nearly $500 billion," wrote Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA). "Joe Biden wants to normalize his intentional illegal invasion."

While President Biden and his progressive staffers in the White House continue to play word games to legitimize the millions of illegal migrants who have entered the country under his watch, President Trump realizes the reality on the ground. During his dueling visit to the border on Thursday in Eagle Pass, Texas, the 45th president made it clear that he would reinstate the immigration policies that were so successful during his tenure, including finishing the border wall, reinstating his Remain in Mexico policy, ending catch-and-release, and beginning one of the largest deportation operations in history.

The American people aren't fooled by Biden's semantics. They understand who they can trust to handle the top issue in the country because Trump has already shown that he can get the job done, and beginning in 2025, he will finish it.

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