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Fox News host and member of “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld, attacked Democrats during Thursday’s program for pushing student loan forgiveness, and branded the idea as “theft.”

“Why send your kids to college, your loving kids to college, when they return turning against you and biology? You’re actually ruining brains,” Gutfeld began. “All of those people paying off student loans— they probably worked nights to do it. This is a slap in their face.”

“[Biden]’s actually taking money from people to bribe people to vote for him. This is a moral wrong,” he said. “This is the worst thing. It gets me so mad. Every time I think about this it makes me so angry ‘cause it’s actual theft, and they think they can get away with it by saying, ‘It’s only ten grand here, and it’s only this, oh, these students they can’t afford it.’”

Gutfeld also claimed this political practice would be unfair to those who paid down their student loans already and weren’t offered this opportunity.

“This is like being in a restaurant and ordering your dessert and then eating it and paying for it and then suddenly they announce a pie-eating contest,” the Fox News host continued.

“You’re getting American taxpayers to pay for a gift that benefits Democrats who don’t need it,” Gutfeld proclaimed. “So this isn’t like welfare or unemployment or food stamps. It’s a gift you and I pay that is given to upper-class white art history majors who can then spend that money they would’ve spent on the loan on holidays in the Hamptons.”

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Gutfeld’s solution was to take the money directly from the colleges’ endowment funds — due to their price gouging and large bank accounts — which came at the cost of inflated tuition prices that have been plaguing students for decades.

“Oh, they can afford it,” he said. “If you can afford a car payment you can afford your college payment. It’s roughly the same; the average is like $250-270. Give it to the truck drivers that pay off their payments. You dope. So disgusting. You make me sick.”

The Biden administration signaled it’s open to forgiving $10,000 of student debt, which only reportedly caused Democrat activists to push for even more from the White House — $50,000 per borrower, per CNBC.

While Biden decides the extent of his loan forgiveness program, the real burden for such policies will continue to fall on the American working class.

As well-off students who obtained four-year college degrees receive government handouts, everyday Americans who work hard must deal with increasing inflation and in the end — still end up paying other peoples’ tabs.

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