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President Joseph R. Biden is not well-loved by the American people. We have documented his falling poll numbers and his crumbling voter base. His chances heading into 2024 look grim and we are all wondering if he will even attempt to run again.

The reasons for Biden’s plummeting popularity are obvious — the President’s record is indefensible. He has only hurt the American people in his short time in office. No one can mount a serious argument for the alleged accomplishments of the Biden Presidency.

There just are not any accomplishments to speak of. Biden’s Presidency has consisted in rolling back the genuine jumps forward made by former President Trump.

Trump gifted Biden a thriving economy and a big, beautiful border wall in the middle of construction — sure to wield off the vast majority of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border.

But until now, we thought the universal disdain for Biden’s record was limited to the human sphere of the world. We did not know and could not fathom the fact that animals also share our disdain for the current Democrat President. Of course, we heard about Biden’s own dog giving the then-President-elect a major health scare. But that was surely an accident.

This, however, looks far worse. It almost looks strategic. One would be forgiven for thinking it was, if not for the fact that a bird did it. A bird, in the middle of yet another horrendous Biden speech, did the unthinkable — he pooped on the most powerful man in the world today.

The timing could not have been more perfect, for the speech was, after all, of like quality to the bird’s defecation. Just watch the moment the bird does his work:

Biden went to Iowa to speak about inflation — the inevitable result of the Biden economic approach. One could say his speech was just “for the birds”. Bidenomics is not working for anyone — humans or animals. Our flying pal just clued us into that fact — a fact we assuredly already knew. We must act in 2022 for the sake of our environment — which includes the birds, after all.

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AOC and others should sign on to that. Perhaps another impeachment is on the way — this time with almost universal bipartisan support. The next year could be very interesting!