Bloomberg Op-Ed STILL Pushes 'Russia, Russia, Russia' Despite Trump's Vindication By Durham Report

One would logically expect that following the devastating revelations and confirmations that arose from the final report of Special Counsel Johnathan Durham into Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the illegal investigation of 45th President Donald J. Trump and his campaign, the establishment media might at least show some caution in future statements if not outright contrition and humility. Clearly in the Left's opinion columns... logic doesn't apply.

In a recent op-ed for Bloomberg, Andreas Kluth has once again trotted out the left's 2016 warhorse of 'Russia, Russia, Russia' blithely as if the entire rotten enterprise between the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, and the mainstream media hasn't been lain bare for the world to see. 

Indeed, reading this opinion piece entitled 'The Kremlin Offers A Trump-Putin Ticket For 2024', it seems to be 'business as usual'. Initially, Kluth draws attention to Russian President Vladimir Putin inserting himself at least tangentially into the American political scene by targeting leftist political figures unrelated to foreign policy, but hostile to Trump. What's interesting is that by again insinuating some nebulous connection between Trump and Republicans writ large and Putin, the writer seems to be playing directly into the Russian leader's hands and sowing continued political division. 

But the Crème de la Crème, the highlight of the piece has Kluth continuing to forward the now authoritatively debunked 'Russia collusion' narrative in a 'sly,' to borrow his term, drive-by manner.


He wrote,

"In this case, the Russian president is once again signaling to Trump and the Tucker Carlson wing of the Republican party that they should make common cause. Your enemies are my enemies, Putin is vibing. And of course he’d quite appreciate Trump returning that favor if he gets back into the White House, and even if he doesn’t.

I say “once again” because Putin has long been siding with Trump, on the sly and not so sly. As the special counsel’s report of 2019 confirmed, Russia meddled in the election of 2016 to help Trump. The special counsel’s only question mark was whether Trump actively “conspired or coordinated with the Russian government” — or merely enjoyed its help passively. That ambiguity was enough for Trump to run around mouthing 'no collusion, no collusion.'"

Only it isn't Trump "mouthing 'no collusion, no collusion,'" it is a four-year long, 306-page long (with 29 pages of classified appendices) federal investigation that has utterly refuted this narrative. The ambiguity Kluth applies when he says, "The special counsel’s only question mark was whether Trump actively 'conspired or coordinated with the Russian government' — or merely enjoyed its help passively.," is astonishingly irresponsible. This is no longer a question mark, it has been established that there was no evidence of any collusion.


As previously reported by DC Enquirer Durham wrote, "Neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation."


Obliquely, the Op-Ed revives the insinuation of Russian collusion, even if in indirect form, and suggests that Trump views Putin as "his neo-Tsarist pal in the Kremlin, with the admiration of one authoritarian for another." He even suggests that what Trump has in mind for brokering peace between Ukraine and Russia is surrender saying, "What he seems to have in mind is Ukrainian capitulation," an utterly baseless claim.

We live in two realities.

For America First Republicans, the Durham report was a righteous, if far too limited, vindication. A final refutation of a manufactured character assassination in which, a politicized FBI colluded with Clinton Campaign operatives to foment a decade of malignant, legally-protected, slander, libel, and smear.

But to the establishment media and the radical leftist husk of the Democrat party... it was a Monday. And the anti-Trump, anti-Republican drumbeat goes on.

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