Rep Boebert Introduces Bill to Stop Government from Giving Legal Aid to Illegal Immigrants

The congresswoman for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, Lauren Boebert, has released her plan to combat illegal immigration in the United States. Lauren Boebert introduced her bill, titled the “No Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers for Illegal Aliens Act.” The bill is seen as a means to address the Biden Administration’s efforts to provide legal aid to illegal immigrants under the Legal Access at the Border program.

Fox News reports that the Legal Access at the Border (LAB) program does not directly provide attorneys to illegal immigrants. LAB does, however, help prepare migrants who are attempting to cross over from Mexico, are already detained by border security, and enrolled in the Remain in Mexico policy. Boebert’s bill comes as the border crisis worsens and crime rates soar.

Boebert has stated that “Democrats want to treat border detention facilities like an Oprah Winfrey show. You get free education. You get a free plane ticket. You get free medical care. You get free, free, free. It really has to stop, and my bill is the first step in this process.” Boerbert’s bill states that “congress finds that United States taxpayers’ dollars should not be used to cover or subsidize the costs of legal representation for any alien who is unlawfully present in the United States.” 

The bill also goes after private organizations that receive federal funding and fund immigrant defense programs. Cities are also in the crosshairs of this legislation. Research by the Immigration Reform Law Institute found that nearly $5.6 million in taxpayer dollars went to fund municipal and state illegal immigrant legal defense programs. 

Boebert is not the only member of Congress going after taxpayer dollars funding illegal immigrant activities. Iowa congresswoman Ashley Hinson is pushing for a bill to defund President Biden’s “secret migrant flights.” Stop the Betrayal Act of 2022 seeks to “prohibit federal funds from being used to transport certain aliens into the interior, and for other purposes.” Congresswoman Hinson has stated that “Americans have been betrayed by Biden and his deliberate efforts to mislead the people.” 

Border security and Biden’s border crisis will propel further to the forefront as the midterms near. With the incompetence brought on by the current administration, Americans will be looking for solutions to our current situation. If 2018 taught Republicans anything, it is that we better have a plan with realistic solutions. If we don’t deliver on our promises, then we can expect to have a hard time convincing Americans to vote for us again in the future.

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