Bombshell Evidence: Alvin Bragg Fundraised on Donald Trump Investigation With Future Democrat Lawmaker

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D)’s political handling of the Trump indictment charge is widely acknowledged among legal scholars. Mr. Bragg’s use of federal funds against Trump has been disclosed in a letter that he was forced to send to Mr. Jordan (R-OH) and Mr. Bragg’s use of a former Biden-selected federal prosecutor in his office has also been brought to light. Now new revelations emerge about Mr. Bragg’s relationship with a now-current federal lawmaker, Mr. Dan Goldman (D-NY).

Paul Sperry, a senior reporter for Real Clear Investigations, wrote on Twitter that “This deleted post from DA Alvin Bragg’s Facebook reveals ActBlue organized a fundraising event for Alvin Bragg and former Schiff impeachment counsel Dan Goldman to “discuss Donald Trump and what’s at stake for the next #ManhattanDA.”

Enclosed in that tweet is a link to a 2021 Facebook post by Mr. Bragg. The post simply read “Please join me on Tuesday in a conversation with Dan Goldman as we discuss the Dereck Chauvin verdict, Donald Trump, and what’s at stake for the next #ManhattanDA. #JusticeCantWait. #JusticeForAll.” The post also included a registration link through ActBlue. ActBlue is a political organization that provides fundraising software for Democratic candidates as admitted by ActBlue’s LinkedIn page, which says “At ActBlue, we build tech and infrastructure for Democratic campaigns, progressive-aligned causes, and people working to create a better future.” 

As noted previously by Mr. Sperry “Hill investigators looking into connections between Dem Rep. ADAM SCHIFF & Dem DA Bragg + Dem Judge Merchan hearing Trump case; Merchan’s Dem consultant daughter recently called Schiff a “client” and Schiff’s impeachment counsel Dan Goldman has worked closely w/ Bragg.”

Even before that post, Mr. Sperry already revealed that “House sources say Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman of Manhattan — who prosecuted the first Trump impeachment & has been bragging to reporters about sabotaging GOP investigations of the Bidens — has privately consulted with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg about indicting Trump.”

Mr. Goldman has not been exactly shy about the fact that it is in his district that this act of political persecution is taking place. When Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went to Manhattan to protest Bragg’s unjust prosecution of Trump and the weaponization of the legal system, Mr. Goldman wrote on Twitter “Welcome to my district, Representative Snowflake.”

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At the same time, Mr. Goldman has sought to downplay and deny governmental misconduct or censorship in the wake of the Twitter Files scandal. He has attacked Mr. Taibbi as making “assumptions and errors at best – and blatant misrepresentations at worst” and called the hearing over the scandal “a waste of time.”

The admission in question was Mr. Taibbi confusing in one tweet the CIS (Center for Internet Security) with the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency). But the essence of the accusation against Mr. Taibbi is fruitless given that there was indeed documented coordination between both institutions in question and the EIP (Election Integrity Partnership). As noted by Mr. Taibbi “Which I admitted, confusing CIS/CISA in one tweet, but CISA was a partner to EIP and @mehdirhasan should acknowledge this.”

Ergo there was documented cases of governmental involvement in the scandal. Another investigative journalist, Lee Fang, produced another such document, an email, and wrote that “CISA is the DHS agency that partnered with EIP. Here’s an email of a CISA employee discussing an EIP-ticketed misinfo report to Twitter employees. Matt got it right.”

So much for discrediting Mr. Taibbi. What is concerning is the relationship that Mr. Goldman has with Mr. Bragg and his surface level denial of the obvious.

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