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The Biden Administration is reportedly floating a new policy that would give identification cards to illegal immigrants further enabling their ability to move easily in and out of all 50 states within the U.S. unchecked.

These ID cards could also help them take advantage of state financial benefits, creates further incentives for more migrants to make a dangerous trek up north past the cartels, and may even force open loopholes or create enough confusion allowing them to vote in United States elections.

While it hasn’t been enacted yet, according to Axios, the adoption of this new protocol would be no surprise considering the rest of the Biden administration’s policies on illegal immigration. Biden has always been a big proponent of free handouts; for example back in April, the administration gave out free cell phones to illegal immigrants, Fox News reported.

The funding for this new policy has yet to be approved by Congress, but the administration would like to see it greenlit before November’s midterm elections. The “ICE Secure Docket Program” reportedly has $10 million of funding set aside for the 2023 Appropriations Bill.

The identification cards would be given to those released into the U.S. while awaiting further trials; according to Breitbart.


While the exact details of the initiative are currently unknown, the cards would most likely have some form of identification for each recipient, as well as a QR code, which is set to link to an app that holds information regarding the immigration process and status of the migrant.

While this new form of identification for illegal immigrants may be costly for the American people, it may stop the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from allowing them to use “arrest warrants” as identification at airports, a story reported on earlier this month by DCEnquirer.

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Sen. Josh Hawley even questioned the Head of TSA, John Pekoske, on the subject last week.

In a short clip of the exchange posted to Twitter by the Missouri Republican, he wrote, “The head of TSA admits the Biden Administration has let nearly 1000 illegal aliens use arrest warrants as ID to get on planes this year. Think about that while you wait in line at the airport.”

The ongoing TSA policy had already caused outrage within the Republican party, but now, Biden and his allies seek to spend $10 million dollars to make IDs for illegals at a heavy burden — and even higher personal cost — to the American taxpayer.

Time will tell whether or not the budget is approved and the IDs are actually created, but this story shows how extremely expensive open border policies can be for everyday Americans. As well as how fast the cost and results of such policies can start to pile up before it’s too late.

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