Biden Administration Mulls Policy Change That Would Turn Border Crisis Into an Absolute Catastrophe

The Biden Administration is dealing yet another blow to our already overwhelmed border patrol with plans to revoke Title 42. 

Title 42 allowed Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents to deny migrants entry based on potential health risks. This was enacted by the Trump Administration during the COVID pandemic and essentially helped strongly curtail the surge of migrants at the border.

Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez explained in a Fox News interview that 40% of all Border Patrol encounters qualify for Title 42. Gonzalez explains that Title 42 is the “last bastion holding things back.” He continued, “Title 42 goes away, and this turns into a nightmare overnight.”

Host Steve Doocy agreed with Gonzalez about not doing away with Title 42, but argued that the administration ought to say, “you cannot come in because you are not a citizen.” He continued, “instead the administration is essentially saying ‘hey, our policy is working great!’”

Doocy makes a strong case that Title 42 should not be a necessity to control the border situation in the first place. The mere fact that border states have to rely on a pandemic era order errs the fact that our immigration system is broken.

The February Fiscal Year 2022 CBP encounter totals put Title 42 expulsions at a massive 427,034. The Southwest Land Border Encounters have reached a total of 838,685 encounters – a 109.9% increase over the same time last fiscal year. The CBP Yuma sector has experienced an incredible 1121.6% increase in encounters from last year, totaling 118,887 encounters.

While the Biden Administration invites Ukrainian refugees, illegal migrants continually cross our southern border. It is clear that the administration has no intention of securing the border. It is the duty of the government to maintain the security of its citizens and the Biden Administration appears to be purposely neglecting its duty.

If the Biden Administration continues with the rescinding of Title 42, then the border crisis will spiral further out of control. To Doocy’s point, the country should not rely on a COVID era order to control our southern border. We should instead reform our immigration system to perform the duties that are required to secure a nation’s border.

A nation is not a nation without a border. Perhaps, that is the point of not securing the border. Biden, his puppet masters, and his allies are the architects of our great nation’s decay and there is very little the citizens can do to stop the crisis in the short term. But come November, we sure will make sure to vote for America First politicians who fight against this madness.

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