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Joe Biden is losing it. After being questioned by Peter Doocy, White House Correspondent over at Fox, about the rising inflation that has occurred during his administration, Biden uttered some rather choice words. Hot mic footage obtained from CSPAN shows Biden expressing discontent at the last-minute questions offered by Doocy, before the reporter was moved out of the area by staff. Rather than dealing with Doocy’s comments like a sensible human being, Biden sounded off in a completely disgusting manner, calling the Reporter a “Stupid son of a b***.” Wow!

Unprofessional as ever Mr. President.

Here is the full video:

This video set the Twitterverse on fire.

Podcaster Tim Poll commented “The US is in good shape”

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh took the opportunity to slam dunk on the mainstream media:

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Newsmax’s Benny Johnson, posting Peter Doocy’s reaction to the comments, calls the reporter a “total class act”