BREAKING: BLM Journalist Allegedly Attempts Assassination Of Louisville Politician: “I Have No Interest In Further Legitimizing Our Largely Illegitimate System“

Quintez Brown, a BLM activist and erstwhile columnist for the Courier Journal, has been charged with the attempted assassination of Craig Greenberg, who is currently running in the mayoral race in Louisville. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attempt, although a bullet did graze Mr. Greenberg’s sweater. 

Mr. Brown has been charged with one count of attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. Bail has been set at $100,000, which the Louisville Community Bail Fund plans to pay. Mr. Greenberg, a “Jewish Democrat,” told CNN that Mr. Brown walked in on a morning campaign meeting. “We asked if we could help him. And he pulled out a gun, aimed it directly at me, and opened fire. I was fortunate that one of my brave teammates slammed the door shut. They were able to throw some desks on top of the door and the suspect fled. So, we are very blessed to be here today. All of us on the team are.”

Mr. Brown is a well know BLM activist in the Louisville area, as well as a former columnist for the Louisville Courtier Journal. His latest article for the Courier, entitled “How the American school system destroyed me as a Black student” was published on March 8th, 2021. In this column, he declares that “I have no interest in further legitimizing our largely illegitimate system.” He ends the column by stating “I’ve earned the right to say I’m not one of the poor, miserable ‘others’ in the streets begging for a handout. I’m America’s bright future. I’ve become another symbol of neoliberal progress where my title and my ‘recognized’ name will give hope to those in desperate need of food, security, and shelter. And thus, I’ve become destroyed. No longer myself. But another tool of oppression.” Other columns by Mr. Brown include “Dear God, do I deserve to die for being born black” and “Black people can’t swim in Louisville, and it’s putting kids at risk” His first column appears to have been published in May 2019.

Mr. Brown’s attorney, Rob Eggert, told the Courier Journal that “This is not a hate crime — it is a mental health case.” Mr. Eggert went on to cite Mr. Brown’s disappearance for two weeks last summer, which sparked a search involving family, friends, and law enforcement before he turned up in New York in early July, as evidence of his ongoing entail health issues.

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